Proceedings of Interamerican Dialogue on Water Management

Table of Contents

October 27-30, 1993

Edited by

A.J. Palombo
J. Marban
V. Floris
S. Light

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The Florida Department of Environmental Protection
The Florida Water Management Districts
Interstate Council on Water Policy

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South Florida Water Management District

Published by the South Florida Water Management District - April 1994


Table of Contents




Part I - The Statement of Miami

Part II - Background and Framework Documents

Sustainable Development & Resource Management: Twin Strategies for a New Millennium

Part III - Case Studies

Case Study 1: Comparative Analysis of the Florida Everglades and the South American Pantanal
Case Study 2: Infrastructure for Water Supply and Sanitation in the Hemisphere

Part IV - Plenary Presentations and Keynote Addresses

Text of Keynote Address by the Honorable Rodrigo Carazo
Text of Luncheon Address by Sandra Postel
The Role of Environmental Education in Watershed Management
Water Resources as Eyewitness to the Health and Future of the Planet
Hydrometeorological Advances in Flood Forecasting in View of Lessons Learned from The Great Mississippi Basin Flood of 1993

Part V - Dialogue Roundtables

Report of the Interamerican Dialogue on Water Management

Major Conclusions and Recommendations from the Interamerican Dialogue on Water Management

Roundtable I - Management of Aquatic Ecosystems

Background Paper: Management of Aquatic Ecosystems
Background Paper: The Environmental Conditions in Latin America - A Brief Overview
Sub-track: Environmental Problems and Assessment

Nutrient and Sediment Retention in Andean Raised-Field Agriculture
Environmental Assessment and Restoration Planning for Sensitive Coastal Resources in Isla Vieques, Puerto Rico
Adaptively Assessing and Communicating Complex Resources Issues
Environmentally Compatible Watershed Management in Venezuela: The Rio Tocuyo Case
Lake Chapala and Rio Blanco: Two Case of Environmental Restoration in Western México
Environmental Sustainability and the Role of Stewardship
Washington State's Marine Waters Environmental Program: A Practical Use of Environmental Assessment Science
Aquatic Weed Control in the Yarinacocha Pucallpa Lagoon

Sub-track: Protection and Restoration Strategies

The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Environmental Assessment in the Pantanal Region
Conserving Aquatic Ecosystems for Sustainable Development
Management of Aquatic Ecosystems - The Pantanal Case
The Everglades Nutrient Removal Project: Hydrology, Hydrodynamics and Operation
Lessons Learned from Five Decades of Wetland Restoration and Creation in North America
The Role of Wetland Filters in Ecosystem Restoration
Development of the Kissimmee River Restoration Plan: Lessons Learned and Recommendations for Comprehensive Restoration Projects

Roundtable II - Water Supply and Sanitation Infrastructure in a Sustainable Development Context

Background Paper: Sustainable Water Resources Management: The Challenge of the 21st Century
Sub-track: Technological Aspects of Multipurpose Water Resources Projects

Water Resources Planning and Management in an Era of Sustainable Development - An Integrated Economic, Engineering, Environmental and Institutional Approach
A Hemispheric Network Development as a Vehicle to Ensure Education, Training, and Technology Transfer in Water Resources Projects
Priority Regions in Latin America for Water Management
Hydrometeorological Networks and Data Management for Prevention of Natural Disasters in Central America
Water Management for the 21st Century
Planning - A Must in the Conservation of Natural Resources: The Puerto Rico Experience
Appropriate Technologies of Wastewater Treatment for Sustainable Development

Sub-track: Economics and Financing

Water Management Problems and the World Bank's New Water Policy
Financing Investments in Water Supply and Sanitation
Mechanisms for Financing the Development of Public Work Infrastructure
Designing Appropriate Financial Arrangements to Ensure the Proper Operation and Maintenance of Water Supply Facilities
Environmental Issues and Restrictions from the Perspective of the Borrowing Countries
Regional Plan for Investment in the Environment and Health
An Investigation of the Barriers to Private Sector Participation in Water Resources and Sewerage Services in Latin America

Roundtable III - Water Governance and Policy

Background Paper: Some Comments on the Challenges Facing Water Management in Latin America
Sub-track: Water Related Decision-Making Processes

The Need to Integrate Environmental Ethics into Environmental Science, Law, and Economics in Water Resources Decision-Making
Negotiating Collaborative Solutions to Disputes Over Water Resources
Rio San Juan River Basin: A Case of Conflict in Management of a Bi-National Basin
Water Quality as a Top Priority for the U.N. Commission on Sustainable Development
The World Bank - Water Resources Management Policy
The Issue of Equity in International Environmental Negotiations: The Perspective of Developing Countries
Integrated Conservation Planning in the Cuiabá River Basin, Mato Grosso, Brazil
Enhanced Decision Making

Sub-track: Water Law and Institutional Arrangements

Impact of Multilateral Financing for the Arenal-Tempisque Irrigation Project in the Legal and Institutional Framework of Water Law in Costa Rica
Legal and Institutional Aspects of Water Charges in Brazil
New Instruments to Improve Water Management in México
Organizational Structures for Interstate and International Coordination of Water Management in La Plata Basin
Sustainable Development and Management of Water Resources - A River Basin Approach
Great Lakes Remedial Action Plans: Building the Institutional Capacity to Restore Beneficial Uses
Integrated Water Management in Chile: An Ongoing Process

Part VI - Concurrent Fora and Special Papers

Report of the Non-Government Organization Forum
Binational Management of the San Juan River Basin: From War to Cooperation
WATERDIALOGUE - A Communication Link for Water Resource Professionals in the Western Hemisphere
Interamerican Survey of Water Resource Professionals

Part VII - Committee Lists

Honorary Committee
Policy Council
Planning Committee
Dialogue Associates

Part VIII - Conference Agenda

Part IX - List of Participants

Part X - List of Exhibitors