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Special Session (2007)

The 2007 Special Session of the Committee on Juridical and Political Affairs related to the Inter-American Program for the Promotion and Protection of the Human Rights of Migrants was convened by General Assembly resolution AG/RES. 2224 (XXXVI-O/06), and was held on February 13 and March 1, 2007. The Session counted with the participation of government experts and representatives of the organs, agencies, and entities of the inter-American system, other international organizations, and civil society, for the purpose of sharing best practices and activities carried out in the last year in support of the Program, as well as new proposals that might be incorporated into its text. The following links provide copies of the documents from the special session.


[Final Report] (french - español)




[Secretary General]

[Department of International Law]




[Costa Rica]

[El Salvador]



[United States]


[Hague Conference on Private International Law]

[International Labour Organization (ILO)]

[International Organization for Migration (IOM)]

[United Nations High Commissioner on Refugees (UNHCR)]


[American University - Washington College of Law (Janie Chuang)]

[University of Pennsylvania Law School (Sarah Paoletti) & National Employment Law Foundation (Rebecca Smith)]

[Inter-American Institute for Human Rights (Victoria Napky)]

[Amnesty International (Sarnata Reynolds)]

[Georgetown University, Institute for the Study of International Migration (Susan Martin)]


[Regional Conference on Migration]

[Press Release [Photos]

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