GELAVEX is the main hemispheric forum to discuss and propose lines of action to prevent and counteract money laundering in the Americas. It was created through the convocation of the “First Meeting of the Inter-American Group of Experts to prepare Model Regulations on Money Laundering Related to Illicit Drug Trafficking” in November 1990.

Since 2016 it is a Working Group whose Technical Secretariat services are provided by the Department against Transnational Organized Crime (DTOC).

Currently, GELAVEX is made up of two Sub-Working Groups: International Cooperation and Confiscation; and Coordination between Financial Intelligence Units (FIU) and Criminal Investigation Organizations (CIO).




GELAVEX activities are determined by three-year strategic plans that define lines of action, and by annual work plans that describe specific products to be developed in accordance with previously agreed lines of action.

Strategic Planning 2020-2023

Working Subgroup of the Financial Intelligence Units and Criminal Investigation Organizations::

  • Develop work to identify cases from the perspective of criminal investigation involving Crypto Assets, with a special focus on successful investigations in any of the Member States, in order to share relevant information and good practices;
  • Develop work on money laundering from corruption crimes related to illicit drug and arms trafficking, and tax fraud, with emphasis on the identification of typologies and legislative analysis in the countries of the group with the assistance of the Technical Secretariat and other areas of the General Secretariat of the OAS, such as the MESICIC, in the same vein to be able to access judicial decisions;
  • Develop work focused on the analysis of final beneficiaries in money laundering, coordinated through the Technical Secretariat, with the work that other specialized organizations, such as GAFILAT and GAFIC, could be carrying out, and if appropriate with the participation of the UINL;
  • Develop tools to carry out strategic analysis in money laundering investigations: Country experiences in the development and use of technological tools to improve operational and strategic analysis;
  • ...

Strategic partners

Grupo de Acción Financiera de Latinoamérica (GAFILAT)
Grupo de Acción Financiera del CARIBE (GAFIC)
Oficina de las Naciones Unidas contra la Droga y el Delito (UNODC)
Programa Global contra el Lavado de Dinero (GPML/UN)
Consejo de Europa
Grupo de Acción Financiera (GAFI)
Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID)
Banco Mundial


Gastón Schulmeister
Gastón Schulmeister

Department against Transnational Organized Crime (DTOC)
John Grajales
John Grajales

Technical Specialist