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As part of the preparatory process for the Ministerial Meeting, a small one-day technical workshop was hosted with the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) on November 2, 2005 to examine emerging management approaches that support economic and sustainability objectives in agriculture, forestry and tourism. During the meeting, experts identified the linkages between economic growth, development and natural resources by looking at issues such as the valuation of ecosystem services and the potential for furthering win-win economic-environment partnerships, through emerging market-driven opportunities. Various enabling conditions needed to ensure sustainable management practices were analyzed, including the role of legal-institutional frameworks, investment climate, property rights, fiscal policy, national systems related to forestry management (including monitoring and assessment), the relationship between command-and-control enforcement and market-based systems, as well as sources of financing – particularly innovative financing – in support of sustainability.  This meeting was the first of a series of workshops organized under the responsibility of the Department of Sustainable Development of the OAS/GS, in order to prepare for the First Inter-American Ministerial Meeting on Sustainable Development focused on sustaining economic development by strengthening environmental management, to be held in Bolivia in December, 4-5 2006.


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Speech of H.E. Carlos Manuel Rodriguez Echandi, Minister of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica for the DSD and IICA Workshop on “Supporting Sustainable Development through Agriculture, Forestry and Tourism" Listen to Speech in Spanish...


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Background Papers:


Sustainability in Agriculture, Forestry and Tourism


Payments for Environmental Services


Environmental Valuation as a Supporting Tool for Environmental Services Payments


Trade Facilitation, Certification and Ecolabeling in Agriculture and Forestry


A Sectoral Overview of the  Effects of Trade Agreements in Latinamerica and Caribbean

Sustainable Environmental

 Management and Natural Resources in Rural Areas:From a Global to a Local Perspective. 

Document Prepared by IICA. (Available only in Spanish)


Environmental Certification in the



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