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Buenos Aires, Argentina
April 28-29, 2005
Hotel Kempinski Park Central



Amb.Raul Estrada Oyuela, Special Delegate International Environmental Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina.


Amb.Angelos Pagkratis, Head of European Commission Delegation in Argentina.


SESSION 1: Setting the Context in Integrating Sustainable Development and Regional Trade Agreements

The European Union and Regional Trade Agreements, Pierre Defraigne, Former Deputy Director General, DG Trade, European Commission.

Opportunities and Constraints in integration of policy in MERCOSUR Americas, Gilney Viana, Secretary, Secretariat of Policies for Sustainable Development, Ministerio do Meio Ambiente-MMA.

The Economic and Developmental Impacts of Regional Trade Agreements, Daniel Berrettoni, Executive Director Ad-Interim, Centro de Economía Internacional (CEI) Argentina

Emerging Trends in Integrating Sustainable Development within Regional Trade Agreements in the Americas, Eda Rossi, Trade Negotiator, Chile.

General Discussion, moderated by Marcos Orellana, Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL).


SESSION 2: Trade-Related Investment and Sustainability

  Investment and Sustainable Development - meaningful in MERCOSUR? Julio A. Franco, Chamber of Commerce and Exports of Agriproducts and Agroindustrial Products of Uruguay.

Foreign Direct Investment and Policy Space for Sustainable Development
Julie Raynal, DG Trade,European Commission.

General Discussion, moderated by Carlos Galperín, Centro de Economía Internacional (CEI).


SESSION 3: Regional Trade Agreements as an engine for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources.

Regional Trade Agreements – The NAFTA Environmental Side Agreement and the Experience of the North American CEC. Geoffrey Garver, Director, Submission on Enforcement Matters Unit, North American Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC).


The Experience of MERCOSUR regarding the articulation between trade and the domestic framework for Sustainable Development. Mirta Laciar, Director Unit for Trade, Investment and Environment, Secretariat of Environment, Argentina.

Challenges and Opportunities derived from Trade for implementation of MEA’s and  Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity? Giselle Beja Valent and Victor Canton, Foreign Affairs, DINAMA, Ministry of Housing, Land and Environment, Uruguay.


Cleaner Production, the transfer of technology and knowledge among regional partners. Ariel Carbajal, Director, Centro Tecnológico para la Sustentabilidad, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional.


General Discussion, moderated by Maria Amparo Alban, Centro Ecuatoriano de Derecho Ambiental, Ecuador.


SESSION 4: Regional Trade Agreements as a Catalyst for Sustainability in Business. 

  Trade and Industrial Patterns in South America - on the road to sustainability?  Mauricio Lopez Dardaine, Director, Chamber of Exports of Argentina.

  Challenges for Agricultural Exports and Sustainable Development. Oxymoron or Opportunity? Claudio Sabsay, Undersecretary of Agricultural Policy, Argentina.

  Private-Public Sector Partnerships, Recent Developments and the Role, if any, of Regional Trade Agreements. Raimundo Florin, Executive Director CEADS.

  Using rules in RTAs to maximize benefits from Environmental Goods and Services. Maria Amparo Alban, Centro Ecuatoriano de Derecho Ambiental.

General Discussion, moderated by Juan Rodrigo Walsh, Expert, World Wild Life Fund (WWF).



Summary of First Day, Outstanding Issues to Bring Forward, moderated by Robin Ratchford, DG Trade European Commission

SESSION 5: Corporate Social Responsibility and Fair Trade – marooned at the margins or moving towards the mainstream?

 Overview of Recent Trends, and Sorting Through Definitions, Daniele Giovannucci, Senior Advisor, World Bank and other International Organizations.

Challenges for Producers and Exporters. Ing. Luís Trama, Instituto Argentino de Normalización y Certificación (IRAM).

Is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Providing New Answers?, Patricia Barbuscia, Instituto Ethos de Empresas e Responsabilidade Social, Brazil.

General Discussion moderated by Rene Vossenaar, Former Head Trade, Environment and Development Branch, Division on International Trade in Goods and Services, and Commodities, UNCTAD.

SESSION 6: Assessing the Effects of Trade Liberalisation

Sustainability Impact Assessments, Eric Peters, DG Trade, European Commission.

Approaches to Assess the Effects of trade: Overview,  Enrique Leff and Benjamin Simmons, United Nations Environment Programme.

Experience of Argentina in Assessing Environmental Effects of Trade.
Maria Fabiana Oliver, Director Trade and Environment, FARN.

General Discussion, moderated by Sheila Abed de Zavala, Instituto de Derecho y Economia Ambiental (IDEA), Paraguay.

SESSION 7: Lessons in Integration and Future Steps

Formal institutional arrangements, parallel and cooperative agreements and other measures: supporting policy coherence or detracting from it? Marcelo Halperin, Institute for Latinamerican Integration, University of La Plata, Argentina, MERCOSUR Department, Argentinean Industrial Union.

Regulatory dialogue within RTAs: new avenue for promoting sustainable development? Minister Daniel Raimondi, Director of Economic and Trade Affairs for MERCOSUR of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Culture of Argentina.

General Discussion, moderated by Maria Leichner, ECOS, Uruguay.



Pierre Defraigne, former Deputy Director General, DG Trade, European Commission.
Mariano Castro, Executive Secretary, Consejo Nacional del Ambiente (CONAM) Perú.
Sheila Abed de Zavala, Instituto de Derecho y Economia Ambiental (IDEA), Paraguay.


Robin Ratchford, DG Trade European Commission.


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