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Increasing the Sustainability of the Energy Sector in the Caribbean

through Improved Governance and Management





Small Island Developing States (SIDS) in the Caribbean face unique challenges associated with the generation and use of energy. Most Caribbean island nations depend almost exclusively on imported petroleum for their energy, including both electricity generation and transportation. This high level of dependence leaves these countries vulnerable to the volatility of international oil prices and results in a tremendous drain on capital for imports. Likewise, Caribbean islands are particularly vulnerable to the environmental impacts associated with fossil fuel consumption such as sea level rise and increased strength and frequency of hurricanes.


The Department of Sustainable Development within the Organization of American States received financing from the European Union Energy Initiative (EUEI) in 2008 for the implementation of the Action entitled: Increasing the Sustainability of the Energy Sector in the Caribbean through Improved Governance and Management. The working title for the Project is Caribbean Sustainable Energy Program (CSEP).


Primary Objective:  Accelerate the transition toward cleaner, more sustainable energy use in seven Project Countries. The specific objective is to address market conditions for the development and use of renewable energy and energy efficiency systems by mitigating the barriers to their use.

Specific objectives:  The proposed actions to address market barriers will have many specific objectives including:

• Adoption of appropriate energy policies and regulations that facilitate sustainable energy development;

• Building the technical, legal, financial, and management capabilities of public officials, electric utility personnel, and large consumers within each Project country;

• Ensuring the existence of capable institutions that will participate in the energy sector including establishment of national sustainable energy offices in the appropriate energy ministries, and the creation of a regional sustainable energy project office;

• Identifying commercially viable sustainable energy projects and ensuring that the technical assistance critical for their implementation is in place.

Project Countries: St. Lucia; Dominica; Grenada; St. Kitts & Nevis; St. Vincent and the Grenadines; Antigua and Barbuda; and The Bahamas, and Barbados as observer country


The primary beneficiaries will be the energy consumers of the participating countries, including the major electricity consumers – commercial, tourism, agricultural – and residents of the countries.


Implementation of the Action Period: November 2008 – October 2011


Project Activities


October 9, 2008. Launch of the Caribbean Sustainable Energy Program More... 


Project Documents:


Full Application   Logical Framework




Caribbean Community (CARICOM)Secretariat

Greater Georgetown
Tel:  592 222 0001/75
Fax: 592 222 0171





Caribbean Energy Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC) 


Desir Ave, Sans Soucis

Castries, Saint Lucia

Tel: (758) 452 0140/1
Fax: (758) 452 0142 or

       (758) 458 0702


  Caribbean Renewable Energy Development Programme (CREDP) CARICOM/CREDP—


c/o Caribbean Environmental Health Institute (CEHI)

The Morne Castries, St. Lucia



Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP)

Wagramerstrasse 5 (Vienna International Centre)
Vienna, Austria
Tel: +43 1 26026-3425
Fax: 43 1 21346-3425





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