Workshop to Launch Two Caribbean Initiatives:


Caribbean Sustainable Energy Program (CSEP)


Caribbean  Renewable Energy Development Programme Phase II (CREDP)

October 7-9, 2008

 Castries, St Lucia

Venue: Rex St Lucian Hotel




This  workshop served as a forum to discuss challenges and opportunities in the energy sector, but mainly to identified joint efforts and to establish a collaborative platform in the Caribbean region in the context of renewable energy, and energy efficiency (RE/EE) to promote a sustainable environment.

The CREDP Programme objectives of the workshop are to: 

  • Present to the participating countries the final result of the Mid Term Review and recommendations of the "CREDP-Phase I" conducted with support of the German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP);

  • Carry out discussions, collect inputs and feedback from participants to ensure that the countries needs and expectations in RE/EE are taking into account for the Phase II of CREDP.

The CSEP Project objectives of the workshop are to: 

  • Present and review the project objectives, activities and timeline of the CSEP Project in the participating countries for discussion, collect inputs and feedback from participants, including the project's institutional partners: OAS, CARICOM and CARILEC;

  • Discuss the way forward for implementation of the near term activities;

  • Establish collaborative mechanisms to increase the knowledge and acceptance in RE/EE technologies within public and private sector. Emphasis will be placed on common areas of interest including resource assessments, technical assistance and transfer of technologies.




 Welcome and opening remarks for the CREDP/GTZ Launch II and Operations Planning


Welcome and opening remarks

  • Joseph Williams, Programme Manager, Energy of CARICOM Secretariat.

  • Thomas Scheutzlich, CREDP Principal Advisor   Photo

  • Judith Ephrain, Unit of Sustainable Development & Environment at the Ministry of Physical Development, Housing & Environment



Project Document


List of Participants Workshop Report to be uploaded shortly


Welcome and opening remarks for the  CSEP/ EU Project  Launch


Welcome and opening remarks





  • Review of CSEP Project objectives, activities and timeline. Mark Lambrides, CSEP Project Manager

Project Documents: Full Application   Logical Framework


List of Participants Press Release     Workshop Report