The Committee of Experts of the Mechanism for Follow-up on the Implementation of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption (MESICIC), adopted, during meetings which concluded December 7, 2007, reports on the implementation of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption in Colombia, Panama, Chile, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.

These reports form part of the Second Round of Review on the fulfillment of the Convention.  The reports examine in detail the legal-institutional framework and the objective results achieved in each country, as well as formulate concrete recommendations on those areas in which additional progress is required.  The issues evaluated in this round include transparency in the hiring of public servants and the acquisition of goods and services by the state, protection for those who report acts of corruption, and the criminalization of the offenses that are established by the Convention in this area.

The Second Round reports also evaluate the progress made by the states in the implementation of the recommendations formulated during the First Round of Review.  The First Round reports examined the measures and results achieved in the areas of prevention of conflicts of interest, statements of assets of those who exercise public functions, oversight bodies, access to public information and other mechanisms for civil society participation in the prevention of corruption, and assistance in obtaining evidence in the investigation and prosecution of acts of corruption.

The MESICIC is a mechanism established within the framework of the OAS, in which states evaluate each other reciprocally, based on conditions of equal treatment, with respect to the measures taken and the results achieved in applying the Inter-American Convention against Corruption.  In addition, specific recommendations are formulated with respect to areas where there are legal gaps or problems that require additional progress.  Civil society organizations participate in this evaluation process, contributing information on each country with respect to the issues evaluated, through the submission of documents as well as through presentations at the meetings of the Committee of Experts at which the country reports are considered and adopted.  Both the responses of the states and the documents submitted by civil society organizations, as well as the adopted reports, are public and may be accessed by clicking here.  

MESICIC’s Second Round of Review is scheduled to be completed later this year. In addition to the reports adopted this past December, similar reports have been adopted for Argentina, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Ecuador, Honduras, Bolivia, Peru, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Mexico and Trinidad and Tobago.

To access Second Round reports please click here.   

Honduras and Peru to Analyze National Anti-Corruption Plans of Action

Honduras and Peru plan to hold national conferences to finalize the details of their respective national anti-corruption Plans of Action.  Honduras will hold its national conference January 31 and February 1 in Tegucigalpa.  Peru’s national conference will take place in Lima, February 15 and 16. 

Each Plan of Action provides a detailed roadmap for implementing the recommendations made by the Committee of Experts of the Mechanism for Follow-up on the Implementation of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption (MESICIC), and includes the following elements:

  • Specific actions necessary to implement the recommendations of the MESICIC Committee of Experts

  • Institution or entity responsible for implementation

  • Estimated costs and resources needed

  • Time frame for execution

  • Indicators that measure the expected results and means of verification

During each conference, the Plan of Action will be discussed by representatives of the executive,  legislative and judicial branches, civil society, the private sector and international lending and cooperation agencies. 

To access the draft Plans of Action which will be used as the starting point for discussion at the respective workshops, please click here.

The Plan of Action project is an initiative supported by the Anti-Corruption Fund.  To read more about the Plan of Action initiative click here.


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What is the MESICIC?

  • The Mechanism For Follow-up on the Implementation of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption, known as MESICIC for its Spanish acronym, is a tool to support the development of the Inter-American Convention against Corruption through cooperation between States Parties.

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