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The scope of integrated technical assistance as performed by the Department of Regional Development of the Organization of American States is so broad and touches so many individuals that it is truly impossible to acknowledge the entire range of participants in the development of the ideas and programs presented in this report.

Of special importance, however, we wish to acknowledge the international and national project directors of the programs of technical assistance that are shown on the map on the preceding page who, through their day-by-day dedication to the projects in the specific OAS member countries, gave concrete credence to the ideas presented in this report.

The text of the report was prepared jointly by Michele L. McNabb, consultant to the OAS, and by Dr. Wayne R. Park, Senior Energy Specialist to the Department of Regional Development. The authors wish to acknowledge the support of Dr. Arthur Heyman, who helped to generate ideas of integrated energy development, and of the entire staff of the Department of Regional Development, who reviewed the report with care and insight.

Finally, we wish to acknowledge the assistance of the Division of Management Analysis of the Department of Management Systems of the OAS in preparing the report for publication.

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