Integrated Energy Development - Experiences of the Organization of American States

Table of Contents


Washington, D.C., 1988

Table of Contents



1. What is integrated energy development?

Demand orientation
Vertical and horizontal integration: regional and sectoral integrated energy development

2. Where does integrated energy development work best?

1. Existence of energy resources
2. Relative isolation
3. Human resources and community organization
4. Institutional structure
5. Potential for economically productive activities
6. Locating regional integrated energy development opportunity

3. What are the guidelines for regional integrated energy development

The overall approach
Analyze government policies
Gather information
Prioritize regions
Conduct regional missions
Identify regional lines of action
Collect and analyze regional data
Identify and evaluate projects
Assist governments in defining development opportunities
The role of coordination

4. Who should "do" integrated energy development?

National energy companies
National and regional development agencies
National energy planning institutions
Financing institutions

5. Sectoral integrated energy development

Energy and transportation
Energy and food production
Energy and natural resource management
General suggestions for sectoral integrated energy development programs

6. Looking ahead

The Organization of American States