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Appendix 1: Agenda

Tuesday morning: CONCEPTUAL ISSUES

o Opening and Welcome; Ambassador Fernando González-Guyer, Chairman, Committee on the Environment, OAS Permanent Council

o The Importance of Appropriate Accounting Frameworks for Sustainable Development; Juan Guillermo Espinosa, former Representative of Argentina-Chile to IDB; Senior Economist of CIENES, Chile

o What Can Resource and Environmental Accounts Tell Policymakers?; Robert Repetto, Vice President, World Resources Institute

o Resources and Environmental Accounting in the U.N. System of National Accounts: Recent Development and Current Plans; Peter Bartelmus, UN Statistical Office

Tuesday afternoon: COUNTRY EXPERIENCE

o Presentation of Costa Rica's Resource Accounts; Paúl Solórzano, Tropical Science Center, Costa Rica

o Current Resource and Environmental Accounting Activities in the Hemisphere: case studies from Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay. Discussion by Ronaldo Seroa da Motta, Jerry Gravel, Juan P. Molina, Hector de Alzua, and John Hoehn


o Instituting a System of Environmental Accounts: Issues for Developing Countries; Alfredo Recalde, Senior Economist, Department of Regional Development and Environment

o The UNDP Program of Technical Assistance; Michael Gucovsky, UNDP

o Bilateral and Multilateral Sources of Assistance. Panel including Twig Johnson, AID; John Dixon, World Bank; Kirk Rodgers, OAS; and William Vaughan. IDB

o Closing by Chairperson

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