Natural Resource and Environmental Accounts for Development Policy

Table of Contents

Final Report on a Seminar Held in
Washington, D.C., April 13-14, 1993
by the Committee on the Environment
of the OAS Permanent Council

Department of Regional Development and Environment
Executive Secretariat for Economic and Social Affairs
Organization of American States
Washington, D.C., 1994

Table of Contents



Description and results
Outline of case studies
Issues and conclusions
Proposal for a hemispheric program


Opening remarks
Introductory remarks
What can policymakers learn from natural-resource accounting?

I. The need for natural-resource accounting
II. The scope of natural-resource accounting
III. Setting up natural-resource accounts
IV. What can policymakers learn from resource accounting?

Instituting a system of environmental accounts

Topic 1: The starting point
Topic 2: Selection of model and objectives
Topic 3: The selection of the basic approach
Topic 4: Standardization of the system
Topic 5: Scope of the project
Topic 6: Initial design of the system

Appendix 1: Agenda

Appendix 2: List of participants

International agencies
Non-governmental organizations
Other institutions
Organization of American States (OAS)

Appendix 3: List of documents