IABIN Information Products for Decision Making


The Objective of the Information Products for Decision Makers component is to develop value-added tools to help guide environmental management, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable development decision-making processes throughout the Western Hemisphere.  The products will:

  • Integrate and provide access to socio-economic and geo-spatial data relevant to biodiversity
  • Visualize and analyze data and information (e.g., dynamic map showing actual and predicted spread of a invasive species across several countries)
  • Utilize data with models to develop scenarios (options and consequences) for decision makers



On Going Projects


  • IABIN IWCAM Biodiversity Informatics Workshop: Focusing on Marine Issues for the Caribbean Region Read more...

  • ReefFix: An ICZM Coral Reef Restoration, Watershed Management and Capacity Building Demonstration Project for the Caribbean Read more...


First Request for Proposals made on March 14, 2008

Second Request for Proposals made on September 8, 2008

Third Request for Proposals made on October, 2009






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