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The International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)


Providing means for a better understanding of biodiversity: improving primary data and using it for threat assessment and in situ conservation planning in South America

Spatial datasets have become a fundamental source of information when trying to assess environmental, social, economic and biodiversity-related issues. Recent developments in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and with ecological niche modeling (ENM) applications have added value to data, and permit researchers to provide highly policyrelevant analyses to direct our conservation interventions. Through ENM techniques, potential distributions of species can be analysed using fairly limited or biased datasets containing primary data to determine current biodiversity hotspots, and likely threats from anthropogenic activities and climate change in order to define current and future in situ and ex situ conservation priorities.

Checking of biodiversity data quality as well as using it adequately is a key issue in order to aid decision-making processes. We propose to (1) assess and improve the quality of IABIN's terrestrial holdings using automated scripts, (2) use the primary biodiversity data to develop niche models, (3) couple those results to assess the extent at which South American taxa are both under threat and conserved by the current Protected Area network, and (4) implement an interface through which all results will be made available to policy-makers. The timeline to develop the project is six months, and the total budget that will be used is 120,800 USD, from which 50% will be matched via CIAT, and the other 50% to be financed by IABIN.

$ 60,000

$ 120, 800



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United States of America

The Conservation Biology Institute

A Pilot Application for the Integration, Visualization, Sharing and Analysis of IABIN Thematic Network Data

To date, IABIN has focused on the development of standardized information within the five Thematic Networks (TNs). Scientists, conservationists, planners and decision makers desperately need to use this type of information while addressing current environmental, economic and social problems. We propose to develop a prototype application, the IABIN Data Integration and Analysis Center (DIAC), to improve the accessibility of TN information for important conservation, development, planning and scientific applications.

The IABIN DIAC will be built on the Data Basin ESRI platform, developed by the Conservation Biology Institute in partnership with ESRI. This prototype will allow users to aggregate TN datasets, integrate TN data with other available information, and to conduct structured data queries. We will carry out a pilot demonstration where TN datasets are both well-developed and compliant with standard data sharing protocols. This project will demonstrate the ability of the emerging technology to increase the value of these data to decision makers through structured data integration, visualization and analysis functions. This demonstration project will help define the blueprint for future management, distribution and application of all TN datasets across Latin America and the Caribbean.

$99, 833


$ 211, 275




First report




$ 159, 833

$ 332, 075





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