Component 3


Information Products for Decision-Making

The main objective of the component 3 information products for decision-making is the development of added value tools that will be useful to help guide the management of environment, biodiversity, conservation, sustainable development and making processes decision in the Western Hemisphere.


These tools will integrate, and will provide access to the socio-economic and geo-space data that are relevant to biodiversity issues. In addition, these tools will also help and allow this data to be viewed and analyzed properly (ie dynamic maps showing the current and future potential distribution of an invasive species across several countries). Finally, the data entered to the models will allow the tools to recreate scenarios (options and consequences) that finally will guide decision-making process.


                                                     Information Tool Matrix (New!)

I First request for proposals

Terms of reference
Modeling system for the scenary's actions of development and possible hazards to the biodiversity
The development of an internet-based GIS ecosystem assessment and reporting toll for conservation decision-making
Developing the functionality of the IABIN ecosystem thematic network database
Second request for proposals

Terms of reference

System for decision making based on conservation categories and biodiversity uses
III Third request for proposals

Terms of reference
Providing means for a better understanding of biodiversity: improving primary data and using it for threat assessment and in situ conservation planning in South America
A Pilot Application for the Integration, Visualization, Sharing and Analysis of IABIN Thematic Network Data

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