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Topics for CIDIPs

Consumer Protection

As the initial step in drafting treaties or model laws on the selected topics, the Committee on Juridical and Political Affairs request to the Member States to provide draft instruments and comments for each of the topics and sub-topics approved by General Assembly resolution AG/RES. 2065 (XXXV-O/05).
On the topic of Consumer Protection, the Delegation of Brazil presented a draft Convention on Consumer Protection that address choice of law; the Delegation of the United States presented an outline for a draft Model Law on Consumer Redress Mechanisms; and, the Delegation of Canada presented a draft report on Jurisdiction and Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce.

The Delegations agreed that CIDIP-VII work on consumer protection would produce a Convention on choice of law as well as a Model Law on monetary restitution: the Convention would provide a system for determining rules for consumer litigation, while the model law would complement that instrument by focusing on practical mechanisms for redress when litigation does not provide cost-effective solutions. As a result, these two instruments working in unison will comprise CIDIP work on topic one covering the most relevant aspects of consumer protection in the Americas.

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