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Special events, 2007


Nuclear weapons

Special meeting on a worldwide comprehensive nuclear test ban


AG/RES. 2186 (XXXVI-O/06)


(February 27, 2007)

Meeting on consolidation of the regime established in the Treaty of Tlatelolco


AG/RES. 2245 (XXXVI-O/06)


(February 27, 2007)


Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS)


Meeting on effective strategies to mitigate the threat posed by MANPADS


AG/RES. 2246 (XXXVI-O/06)


(March 8, 2007)


Other CSH topics

Seminar, with the participation of government experts, international organizations, and representatives of civil society, for the purpose of considering, from a strategic point of view, how extreme poverty erodes social cohesion and undermines the security of states


AG/RES. 2115 (XXXV-O/05) and CP/RES. 907 (1550/06)


(March 12, 2007)


Nuclear weapons Special Meeting on Consolidation of the Regime Established in the Treaty of Tlatelolco and on the Worldwide Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban

(March 15, 2007 )

Follow-up to the Special Conference on Security

Meeting to review progress by member states in implementing the Declaration on Security in the Americas and to assess the progress achieved to date


AG/RES. 2185 (XXXVI-O/06)


(March 20, 2007)


Transnational Organized Crime

First Meeting of the Technical Group on Transnational Organized Crime of the OAS

(July 26-27, 2007)




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