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Date:  4/17/2017 
Seguimiento 2017 - Agua
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Date:  6/8/2016 
Integrated Water Management

CAF has consolidated its leadership in the provision of financing, cooperation, and technical assistance for the construction, expansion and rehabilitation of drinking water and sanitation in the countries of the region. The organization also funds programs supporting the management of operating entities to ensure the quality and sustainability of the services offered to the population. Particularly relevant is the financing of credit operations for investment in infrastructure and/or the strengthening of institutions responsible for providing services in the water and sanitation sector in Latin America for an estimated US $ 1,100.000 per year.

Additionally, CAF contributes to the generation and dissemination of knowledge on the subject, particularly as a member of the World Water Council Board (WWC), an international association made up of more than 150 multilateral, public and private institutions whose mission is to promote awareness, conservation and planning for the efficient use of water in all its dimensions. In this context a research paper titled “Basis for a water agenda in South America” was published under CAF’s coordination.
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