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Civil Society
Paragraphs Related to the Theme Paragraphs VII Summit

Date:  6/8/2016 
Through the Regional Public Goods Initiative, the IDB protects traditional Maya Chorti knowledge in Guatemala and Honduras, through climate change adaptation strategies, and biodiversity protection. The project also promotes the bi-national Traditional Knowledge Network based on the active participation of community leaders and their organizations with government institutions to protect Mayan cultural heritage. In 2015, the IDB organized the first indigenous peoples Regional Policy Dialogue with participation of government representatives and community leaders from ten countries. The dialogue highlighted the contributions of indigenous peoples to the social and environmental development of their countries.

Women´s City is a new model of empowerment for women that integrates the provision of high quality services under one roof. Women´s City originated in El Salvador under the leadership of the Secretariat for Social Inclusion; currently, there are six Women´s City Centers operating in El Salvador and at least three more will open in coming years. Women´s City offers services for women survivors of violence, as well as to promote economic empowerment and better health outcomes, with a focus on sexual and reproductive health. Child care is offered for children while their mothers make use of Women´s City services. The IDB supported the expansion of Women´s City in El Salvador with two loans and is financing its adaptation in Honduras and the Dominican Republic.
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