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Youth and Childhood
Ministerials Paragraphs Related to the Theme Paragraphs VII Summit

Date:  10/3/2012 
Child on-line protection

Creation of a child help website in the Americas region to facilitate assistance to the child and assist Member States towards the establishment of one single phone number in their territory to provide assistance for children via phone services.

1. Acceptance of the Resolution to create the website
2. Define campaign name and domain
3. Define web site hosting
4. Accept the web site structure according to the Resolution submitted
5. Define the person responsible for updating site content by country
6. Provide credentials for content updating to the responsible person
7. CITEL sends a meeting invitation for participation in the site content
8. Receive confirmation of delegations participation
9. Request delegations content for the sections defined in accordance with literal 1.
10. Deadline for sending contributions to the person responsible of content
11. Template reception and graphic design of the new page of CITEL, sticking to the guidelines established by CITEL
12. Request CITEL the link to the site on children help in the home page
13. Presentation to members of site and information collected
14. Website publishing
15. Request to members of CITEL to spread the site on the major websites of each country
16. In addition CITEL/PCC.I has approved a Recommendation so that CITEL Member States, who have not already established a phone number, make the efforts that are needed to use one single phone number in their territory to provide assistance for children via phone services in order to facilitate access to information and counseling provided via this service.

Member States

International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
Child Helpline International (CHI)
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Date:  6/20/2011 
The CAF carried out its Social Action Programs through Music and Sport, which are focused on rescuing children afflicted by poverty.
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Date:  6/20/2011 
The CAF promoted the participation and training of young people, in order to facilitate their professional incorporation into the job market.
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