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Ministerials Paragraphs Related to the Theme Paragraphs VII Summit

Date:  4/29/2014 
Bolivia, Picar Community Investment in Rural Areas
The objective of the Community Investment in Rural Areas Project is to improve access to sustainable basic infrastructure and services for the most disadvantaged rural communities selected in some of the poorest municipalities of Bolivia. This project has two components. Component one focuses on community capacity building. This component finances: (a) the provision of technical assistance, training and institutional strengthening support to communities in order to enable them to identify, prepare, implement, operate and maintain community investments subprojects under component two; and (b) the provision of limited technical assistance to local entities in participating municipalities in order to support and supervise the planning and implementation of Community Investment Subprojects and to ensure compliance with applicable technical standards. Component two emphasizes community-driven development investment. The Component finances the provision of Community Investment Grants to selected communities in order to carry out community investment subprojects. The project also finances the strengthening of the institutional capacity of the line ministry and its Unidad Desconcentrada Empoderar, in order to carry out the coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the Project. Commitment Amount: US$ 40.00 million.

Component 1 - Community capacity building: This component finances technical assistance, training and capacity building for rural communities and community-based organizations to enable and empower them for the identification and implementation of community investments. Component 2 - Community-Driven Development Investment: This component finances small-scale investment subprojects presented by rural communities to respond to their self-identified priorities. Given the demand-driven nature of the project, communities have an open menu of social and economic investments, including but not limited to: rural infrastructure; basic services; vulnerability-reduction, food security and nutrition-enhancement activities; and management of natural resources.

Beneficiaries: 100,000 Bolivian farmers

Partners and financing: Government of Bolivia
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