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Paragraphs Related to the Theme Paragraphs VII Summit

Date:  4/17/2017 
Seguimiento 2017 - Programa de Liderazgo
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Date:  4/17/2017 
Seguimiento 2017 - Programa de Gobernabilidad
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Date:  4/17/2017 
Seguimiento 2017 - Programa Alta Gerencia
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Date:  6/8/2016 
Leadership for Transformation Program

This program of CAF’s seeks to identify, select and train leaders in country vision and democratic values so they can exercise leadership with responsibility and knowledge in order to build a better future for the region. Its intention is that the graduating program leader acquires the ability to promote individual and collective initiatives which enable individuals to exercise full citizenship and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants. To this end, CAF has developed an executive training course of about 6 months, through seven universities in its shareholder countries, to help enhance the training of some 2,000 leaders each year.

Governance, Policy and Public Management Program

CAF has launched a training program for government officials, technical teams and civil society leaders dealing with issues related to good governance and local management, which seeks to create a comprehensive and ethical vision of public policies in order to undertake processes of transformation and social change. The program aims at providing knowledge to improve quality in the formulation and implementation of public policies; to analyze and work the complexity of reality; and encourage participants to focus on the demands of citizens by formulating proposals for change with their participation. A 6 month executive training program is developed annually, benefiting some 1,500 local managers in nine countries throughout the region, through thirteen universities.
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Date:  6/21/2011 
The CAF contributed to the strengthening of democratic governance through actions to bolster solid and efficient institutions, and partnerships with broad participation, under its Programs for Governance and Political Management, Leadership for Transformation, and Improving Local Management.
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Date:  6/21/2011 
The Corporate Governance Program focused its efforts on consolidating its position in Latin America, emphasizing the promotion of good corporate governance practices in strategic sectors of the region’s economies.
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