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Ministerials Paragraphs Related to the Theme Paragraphs VII Summit

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Date:  12/18/2015 
The Government is upgrading the Health Information System (HIS) with support from the World Bank. An upgraded HIS will facilitate improved evidence-based decision making, policy development and research.
To date a health data dictionary consultancy has been completed and the dictionary developed to provide the framework for a comprehensive HIS. A legislative review has been conducted to strengthen the regulatory framework. Similarly, an assessment of training needs has been conducted.
Barbados introduced the new Health Information System – MedData, in 2014, which will strengthen the capability for management of patient records, clinician order entry, supply chain management, appointments and discharges, and the generation of health statistics. While MedData is being rolled out at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and at two of eight polyclinics, there is a mandate for its expansion to the remainder of the public healthcare system by June 2016.
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Date:  6/21/2011 
Information Management and Research

A barrier to efficient and effective delivery of social services has been the inability to
retrieve existing data to inform policy and enhance the social service delivery system. To
this end, the setting up of a National Social Care Information Management System is
being pursued and a Website activated. A Country Assessment of Living Conditions has
also been conducted.

National Social Care Information Management System (NASCIMS)

Acknowledging that the global environment has evolved as a knowledge-based society,
development policy and strategies are becoming increasingly dependent on the flow of
intelligent up-to-date information. Given the nature, scope of work and potential impact
on national development, the mandate of the Ministry of Social Care, Constituency
Empowerment and Community Development - with six (6) critical departments and a
staff complement of approximately four hundred (400) persons, there was an urgent
need of a technologically advanced, network. The process of setting up this network has
begun. When completed, it will efficiently and effectively share vital information for the
conducting of the work of the Ministry.

The establishment of NASCIMS will allow for service excellence to clients and the
general public. It will also provide for up-to-date information on the status of social
development in Barbados and inform policy-making and development strategies, It is
anticipated that there will be the connectivity of all departments.; the expedition of
information sharing; accurate departmental statistics; the efficient transmission of
information; remote access of files and resources; and the centralization of information
and data on shared servers where it is managed for confidentiality and security.
NASCIMS will also greatly assist with client tracking.

To facilitate this initiative, all Departments under the Ministry are being computerised.
It is hoped that eventually all Agencies will be linked to allow for information sharing,
case conferences, etc.
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