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Ministerials Paragraphs Related to the Theme Paragraphs VII Summit

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Date:  1/21/2011 
The Ministry of Labour has sought to promote decent work through its on-going work in the social and economic sectors, such as:

-Ratification and Implementation of International Labour Standards;

-Enactment and Enforcement of Labour Legislation

-Establishment of the Occupational Safety and Health Authority and Agency

-Action against Child Labour

-Adoption of a National Workplace Policy on HIV and AIDS

-Enhancement of the Labour Inspection Function

-Endorsement of a Work Programme at the Sixteenth IACML: Since 2001, one of the IACML’s top priorities has been the generation of decent work and of decent working conditions, with stable, productive, well paid jobs and social security, in an environment characterized by liberty, equity, security, and human dignity.

Measures taken by the Ministry of Social Development include:

-National Policy on Persons with Disabilities

-National Workplace Policy on HIV/AIDS and National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan 2006-2010

-ILO 144 Tripartite Committee
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Date:  1/21/2011 
There are criminal, civil and administrative provisions in the laws of Trinidad and Tobago that address factors such as poverty and gender inequality that increases women’s vulnerability to being trafficked. Such provisions include, but are not limited to:

-The Matrimonial Proceedings and Property Act (Chap. 45:51) (as amended)

-The Married Persons Act (Chap. 45:50)

-The Domestic Violence Act (No. 27 of 1999)

-The Maternity Protection Act (No. 4 of 1998)

-The Cohabitational Relationships Act (No. 30 of 1998)

-The Family Law (Guardianship of Minors, Domicile and Maintenance) Act (Chap. 46:08)

-The Sexual Offences (Amendment) Act (No. 31 of 2000)

-The Children’s Authority Act
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