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Ministerials Paragraphs Related to the Theme Paragraphs VII Summit

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Date:  4/11/2012 
Suriname ratified the UNFCCC on 14 October 1997 and the Kyoto Protocol on 25 September 2006. Suriname submitted her First National Communication to the UNFCCC in 2005 and is finalizing the Second National Communication.

Suriname submitted the Project Idea Note in 2009, and is now finalizing the REDD Readiness Preparation Proposal. We are actively seeking nominations in the Ad hoc Adaptation Committee and the Standing Committee of the Green Fund as part of the GRULAC.

A draft Environmental Law has to substitute the existing guidelines in order to keep our country in line with various international conventions such as the UNFCCC, the Commission on Biodiversity (CBD), the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), and the United Commission on Sustainable Development. Furthermore, various environmental laws are being prepared regarding the mining sector and the indigenous people.

The NAGOYA Protocol on access and benefit sharing is now being discussed to reach consensus among stakeholders. The Free Prior Informed Consultation is essential in a fair and equitable sharing of the benefits.

1. Creating regulations related to access and the sharing of benefits arising from the use of genetic resources and associated traditional knowledge is the next challenge.
2. Establishing procedures on Free Prior Informed Consultation is a must in legislation related to indigenous people.
3. Review of national legislation is currently in process and will also cover the submission of patents on inventions that include traditional knowledge.

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