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Elderly Persons
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Date:  1/21/2011 
Trinidad and Tobago has instituted a series of measures to defend the rights and dignity of the elderly in society:

-National Policy on Ageing
Trinidad and Tobago’s National Policy on Ageing was launched in 2007 and considers priority areas for action which include Social security, income security and employment, participation, involvement and social inclusion; dignity and respect for the elderly; healthcare and standards for hospitals and care facilities; housing; education and training; recreation; legislation; transportation; disaster preparedness and research.

-The Ministry of the People and Social Development has already commenced implementation of some of the action areas of the Policy which include:
*Collaboration with the United nations and other international agencies employing research studies on ageing
*Collaboration with NGOs and CBOs to operate and manage senior citizens centres throughout Trinidad and Tobago
*The restructuring of the Patient Care Assistants’ Programme of the Ministry of Health which would reinforce and improve health care for seniors in their homes.

-Chronic Disease Assistance Programme (CDAP)
It was discovered that the major health illnesses faced by the elderly are chronic non- communicable diseases such as hypertension, arthritis and diabetes. The State has, therefore, provided universal access to free health services at the nation’s health clinics and hospitals and older persons can also obtain selected drugs at no cost under the Chronic Disease Assistance Programme (CDAP).

-Senior Activity Centres

-Senior Citizens Grant

-Social support for the elderly

-Extension of the retirement age

-Public fora on ageing

-The Disability Studies Unit at the UWI, St. Augustine has been teaching a course on Social Gerontology since the academic year 2004/2005. This course had as a goal the preparation of the student for the inevitable ageing of the population and the resulting policy implications.
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