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Youth and Childhood
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Date:  12/18/2015 
Youth Mainstreaming Programme
The Youth Mainstreaming Programme is one of four programming channels of the Division of Youth in the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth. The programme was launched in June 2008, and is a special project that was approved by the Cabinet of Barbados. The programme seeks among other things, to empower Barbadian young men and women to realizing their fullest potential, while promoting the building of social capital. This involves the development of the human resources necessary to function in a knowledge based service economy and the creation of appropriate family, community and society values. It calls for a firm commitment to developing the institutional framework and facilitating those aspects of social interaction that will unlock the potential of all Barbadian young people.
The Youth Mainstreaming Programme partners with recognized educational institutes to facilitate the training and development needs of Barbadian youth including Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic, Barbados Community College - Hospitality Institute, University of the West Indies – Errol Barrow Centre, Barbados Vocational Training Board and the Digital Media Programme.
Endless Possibilities: Job Attachment and Mentoring Programme
Endless Possibilities is a developmental programme conducted in three phases and focuses on offering young people ages 16-24 an opportunity to: gain meaningful work experience and training needed to prepare them to function effectively and efficiently in the work place, create the right type of work ethics among unattached or disengaged youth, offering them a second chance is some instances and offer psychosocial support from a team of trained counsellors throughout the period of the programme.
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Date:  6/21/2011 
Increased National Assistance Rates

National Assistance in the form of cash transfers have been increased in several
categories namely children, the able-bodied unemployed, Persons with Disabilities and
the Severely Disabled over the last five years, the most recent being in the rate paid on
behalf of children.
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