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Social Development
Ministerials Paragraphs Related to the Theme Paragraphs VII Summit

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Date:  1/21/2011 
*Poverty Reduction Programme
The Poverty Reduction Programme seeks to contribute to the overall reduction of poverty inTrinidad and Tobago and aims
to achieve the following outcomes:
-The improvement of the delivery of poverty reduction services
-Strengthening of the institutional framework for poverty reduction
-The strengthening of the information system on poverty and poverty reduction

*Targeted Conditional Cash Transfer Programme
Additionally, there exists the Targeted Conditional Cash Transfer Programme (TCCTP) aimed at reducing the incidence of poverty by promoting nutrition and food security to vulnerable households.

*STEP UP- Fighting Poverty Building Strong Families
Some of the main components of the STEP-UP include the provision a system which contains programmes intended to protect the vulnerable so as to prevent further hardship, and to provide developmental opportunities for sustainable poverty reduction and acquisition of life skills.

*Social Assistance Grants
The Social Assistance Grants under the Social Welfare Division seeks to improve the quality of life of the poor in Trinidad and Tobago, by supporting those who are unable to support themselves due to illness or injury.

*Provision of Micro-Credit Facilities
The Ministry of the People and Social Development is committed to the provision of Micro-Credit facilities that promote sustainable livelihoods among the underprivileged. In this regard, the following two micro-credit initiatives are currently being implemented:
-Micro-Enterprise Loan Facility (MEL)

In fiscal 2009, forty–four loans were awarded to various communities.
-Micro Enterprise Training and Development Grant (MEG)

In fiscal 2009, thirty-nine (39) grants were disbursed in areas such as Sewing, Agriculture, Educational services, Hairdressing and Day Care Services.
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