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Ministerials Paragraphs Related to the Theme Paragraphs VII Summit
Date:  5/15/2012 
Strengthening Public Security
Protection from trafficking and sexual and economic exploitation
84. The Government of The Bahamas has introduced national legislation – The Trafficking in Persons (Prevention and Suppression) Act 2008 - to satisfy obligations under the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime. The legislation provides for appropriate services for the victims of trafficking, including psychological counseling and medical and legal assistance.
85. From mid-2009 to the present, senior staff of the Ministry of National Security, Social Development and law enforcement Agencies participated jointly in conferences, workshops and seminars sponsored by international agencies concerned with human trafficking matters.
86. Furthermore, a staff member from the Ministry of Labour and Social Development attended a workshop on human trafficking in New Providence and assisted in the training that was held in Grand Bahama.
87. The Ministry of National Security has contributed information to the Government for the United States Annual Trafficking In Persons (TIP) Report and coordinated an Inter-Ministry Committee to review the report and make recommendations for consideration by the Government.
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Date:  5/15/2012 
Fighting transnational organized crime and illicit trafficking in drugs
88. The Bahamas National Anti-Drugs Secretariat (NADs) has advised that The Bahamas fully supports the position taken by the OAS on transnational organized crime and the global drug trade.
89. The Government of The Bahamas continues to actively participate in regional and hemispheric Bodies such as CARICOM and OAS/CICAD where one of the primary objectives is to address the problem of drugs in all of the thematic areas.
90. The Government of The Bahamas has signed and/or ratified, and continues to adhere to all major Conventions relating to drugs, corruption, firearms trafficking, terrorism, etc.
91. The Government of The Bahamas established a national entity (National Anti – Drug Secretariat) to coordinate the efforts of all those Agencies and Organizations within the Country that are involved in drug control activities.
92. The Government of The Bahamas continues to conduct scientific studies aimed at determining the prevalence of drug use and abuse among key sectors of the population.
93. The Government of The Bahamas established a public/private sector Project (Inner City Transformation Project) with the objective of going into the inner cities to identify the root causes of the problems that create involvement in drugs trafficking, use and abuse, and criminality, with an aim to addressing the problem in a holistic manner.
94. The Ministry of Labour and Social Services has indicated that, until recently, the Staff at Her Majesty’s Prison facilitated group sessions with males who have an association with or used illegal drugs. The staff in the Health Social Services Division of the Department of Social Services facilitates group sessions in drug rehabilitation on a needs basis for the residents at the Simpson Penn Center.
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