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Paragraphs Related to the Theme Paragraphs VII Summit
Date:  5/15/2012 
III. Enhancing human and political rights

111. The Government of The Bahamas has enhanced the human and political rights in society through its legislative agenda via passage of the following Acts:

a. The Trafficking in Persons (Prevention and Suppression) Act, 2008, became law on 10 December, 2008. This Act seeks to prevent the illegal trafficking of persons and has created a criminal offence for persons contravening the law.

b. The Sexual Offences and Domestic Violence (Amendment) Act, 2008, became law on 22 December, 2008, which seeks to assist victims of sexual offences and domestic violence by enhancing the punishment for offenders.

c. The Mental Health (Amendment) Act, 2008, became law on 14 September, 2008, which seeks to assist persons with mental illness, especially as it relates to their personal care and the care of their assets.

d. The Firearms (Amendment) Act, 2011, became law on 4 November, 2011. This legislation seeks to increase the penalties for illegal possession and control of firearms. It is anticipated that the legislation should assist in deterring persons from possessing and utilizing firearms, except for legitimate purposes.

e. The Good Samaritan (Food Donation) Act, 2010, became law on 28 June, 2010, and allows for improvement in the donation of food for under-privileged people, hence enabling more donations and also improving the transparency of persons serving as donors. In this regard, conditions should be improved for persons to overcome poverty and minimize social exclusion.
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