High Level Meeting between Belize and Guatemala

OAS Headquarters in Washington, DC
July 31, 2012

A high-level Ministerial meeting was held at the headquarters of the OAS on July 31, 2012. The meeting was called to address a number of sensitive and pending issues that were confronting the AZ and both countries due, in part, to a series of events and incidents that had raised tensions on both sides.

This Ministerial meeting helped to diffuse tensions by offering an avenue for frank discussion and dialogue at a high level. In addition, the meeting touched on the preparations for the October 6, 2013 referendum. Both parties presented on their preparatory efforts and offered plans and ideas of how to proceed with the process. Belize and Guatemala made preliminary budgetary indications and recognized that exterior financial assistance would be absolutely necessary to raise the needed funds for a successful sensitization and referendum process.

In conclusion, both parties requested assistance from the OAS in preparing for the referendum and the OAS agreed to arrange for a gathering of countries—in and outside the Group of Friends—at the margins of an upcoming session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) to discuss financing.

Participants in this meeting included:

Alexis Rosado
CEO Ministry Foreign Affairs
Carlos Raul Morales
Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
Kevin Casas-Zamora
Secretary of Political Affairs
Nestor Mendez
Ambassador to the OAS
Rodrigo Vielmann
Ambassador to the OAS
Raul J. Lago
Representative of the Secretary General for Belize and Guatemala
Alfredo Martinez
Ambassador to Guatemala
Gustavo Orellana
Secretary of the Belize Commission
Jean Michel Arrighi
Secretary of Legal Affairs
BG Dario Tapia
Commander of Defense Force
Manuel Tellez
Ambassador to Belize
Magdalena Talamas
Chief of the OAS Peace Fund
Lisa M. Shoman
Senator, and Representative of the Opposition Party
Carlos Aldana
Chancellery Advisor
Kendall Belisle
First Secretary Embassy of Belize
Luis F Andrade
Chancellery Advisor
Lauren Quiros
Second Secretary
Fernando Ruiz
the Belize Commission