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April 16, 2003


Secure Email Pilot

for OAS MLA and Extradition Working Group Members

The OAS MLA and Extradition Working Group members met in Washington at the Canadian Embassy on April 8th, 2003 to discussion secure email options and proposals.

As a result of the discussions held at this time it is proposed that the Working Group undertake a Secure Email project using the services of a U.S. based company known as Groove.Groove Networks is a privately held company headquartered in Beverly, Mass.

Additional information about the company called Groove is available at

If approved by the Working Group members we would enter into a negotiation with Groove to have them host this secure email service for a period of 6 months.

We would create a shared workspace and list our email contact info in this workspace thereby limiting other Groove users from viewing any names or information related to the workspace.

With this proposal then participants will continue to use their regular email system for regular communications and Groove for secure email within their working group. The participants will also be able to see if their contacts are online or not and if they are they can have live online chats. If the participants are not online the email is stored at Groove in an encrypted format and then delivered when the person comes online. A notification of message status is easily obtained.

Although not a direct objective for this pilot the ability to share and collaborate on documents in a "real time" manner will also be inherently present in the service.

Canada is proposing to fund to fund the first six months of this project. While the Groove proposal we have seen lists their stated prices once we confirm the number of licenses required and the physical location of the people to be trained we can possibly reduce the cost to some degree.

As a result we are seeking the names and contact information for your proposed participants at this time. Each individual will require the following:

Personal Computer - hopefully less than 2-3 years old

Windows 98 or higher operating system

Internet access - preferably high-speed access (*)

(*) Dial up internet access will work if that is the only service option where the employee is located.

All costs for the computer and the internet access are not included in this proposal. They are assumed to exist in order for the participant to be named to the pilot group.

If possible please indicate if the participants will be present at the upcoming meeting on April 30th through May 2nd, 2003, in Ottawa as we will be able to provide training at that time.

For each participant their technical contact information is required as well so that we can follow up with them regarding the technical details of this proposal. If a participant does not have a technical support person please indicate this for planning their support.

For the initial six months our intent is to use the hosted service of Groove and fund this cost from internal sources to the DOJ of Canada. The OAS technical team will also be heavily involved with day-to-day support, particularly Juan Carlos Garcia. We may therefore need to limit the number of participants so an early response is appreciated. For the following countries we would expect approximately 2 to 5 participants.


El Salvador   



United States

Our hope would be to run the pilot from June 1st, 2003 through Nov. 30th, 2004. It is likely that by that time we will have secured the necessary funding to further expand the pilot and hopefully to purchase the hardware and necessary software to continue the pilot. The plan being at that time to hopefully have the server housed and hosted at the OAS Headquarters in Washington under the technical stewardship of Juan Carlos Garcia.

We will be exploring potential cost sharing arrangements with other OAS agencies interested in the Groove technology to further share the anticipated purchase and maintenance costs.

In conclusion please reply indicate your support at your earliest convenience.

Please direct any questions to myself or to Pierre Gilles Belanger.

Thank you,

Gord Godfrey

Manager, Connectivity

Department of Justice


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