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Papers of the Carter Center's Conference on Transparency for Growth in Latin America
Atlanta, Georgia. May 1999

bubalan.gif (1463 bytes) Final Statement
May 5, 1999
bubalan.gif (1463 bytes) Remarks
by Secretary Robert E. Rubin at the Carter Center Conference
May 3, 1999
bubalan.gif (1463 bytes) A Lemon-Free Marketplace: Or the Fruits of Transparency in a Global Economy
Remarks By Jack Guynn. President and Chief Executive Officer. Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
May 4, 1999
bubalan.gif (1463 bytes) Three Levels of Fighting Corruption
Keynote by Robert Klitgaard. Dean and Ford Distinguished Professor of International Development and Security at the RAND Graduate School, Santa Monica, CA.
bubalan.gif (1463 bytes) Speech delivered by the President of the Republic of Costa Rica
Dr. Miguel Angel Rodriguez
May 3, 1999
bubalan.gif (1463 bytes) International Efforts to Combat Corruption
Professor Dr. Mark Pieth. Basil University
May 1999. In PDF format
bubalan.gif (1463 bytes) The Central Roles of Civil Society in Combating Corruption in the Era of Globalization
Peter Eigen, Chairman Transparency International. In PDF format
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