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Intentional Homicide (ICCS 0101)
"INTENTIONAL HOMICIDE" (ICCS 0101) is defined as the "Unlawful death inflicted upon a person with the intent to cause death or serious injury".
INCLUSIONS: Murder; honour killing; serious assault leading to death; death as a result of terrorist activities; dowry-related killings; femicide; infanticide; voluntary manslaughter; extrajudicial killings; killings caused by excessive use of force by law enforcement/state officials.
EXCLUSIONS: Death due to legal interventions; justifiable homicide in self-defence; attempted intentional homicide (0102); homicide without the element of intent is non-intentional homicide (0103); non-negligent or involuntary manslaughter (01031); assisting suicide or instigating suicide (0104); illegal feticide (0106); euthanasia (0105).

[Source: International Classification of Crime for Statistical Purposes (ICCS), UNODC, Mar 2015, p.33. Web:]
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