Welcome to the OAS Internship Program Application Form 

Please read instructions below carefully before entering to the application form

2021 Winter/Spring - virtual session.
Deadlines: 9/2/2020 - 9/30/2020


Considering the disruptions caused by the COVID-19, the OAS Internship Program will offer only virtual internships during the 2021 Winter/Spring Session and Session I - 2021.


The requirements to apply are:

  • GPA of at least 3.0 out of 4.0 in the American scale or equivalent. This means to be in the 25% top of the class. (Please do not convert your GPA to the American scale)
  • Students at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as young professionals can apply. However, applicants who are undergraduate students must be at least finishing their second year of studies.
  • Be proficient in two of the four languages of the Organization (Spanish, English, French and Portuguese).

Documents to attach to the Electronic Application Form:

  • Two letters of recommendation addressed to the OAS Internship Program, one preferably (not mandatory) from a professor within your area of expertise. The second letter from an employer or another professor. Please include contact information (phone number and email) of the person signing the letter. Letters of recommendation that cannot be given directly to the applicant can be e-mailed only by the employers/professors to internships@oas.org.
  • Academic transcripts issued by the academic institution
    Please DO NOT send/include copies of your degree certificate. Must include the detail of courses taken and grades. Students who have access to an unofficial transcript should attach a copy to the Electronic Application form and email the official version to internships@oas.org.
  • Official statement: If your internship will be accredited by your academic institution, please include an official letter from your institution. with the corresponding indications. This document is not mandatory, you should only submit it if applicable to your case.
  • Resume with Cover Letter: Attach your CV and cover letter in a single PDF document: 
    • Resumes with photos will not be accepted and will disqualify your application.
    • Resumes without cover letter will not be accepted and will disqualify your application.
    • Resumes should not exceed two pages, and the cover letter should not exceed one page. Otherwise, it will disqualify your application. 
    • The cover letter must be addressed to the OAS Internship Program.
    • Please do not email your CV with cover letter to the Internship Program, they may only be submitted attached to the Electronic Application Form.

Languages: all your supporting documents may be submitted in any of the four official languages of the OAS (English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese). However, it is recommended to complete the application in English or Spanish.

Areas of interest: you will be required to select 1 to 3 recruiting areas of interest. To learn more about the OAS structure and departments, click here: www.oas.org/en/about/organizational_list.asp

Applications and supporting documents will be accepted until the last day of the applications period at 23:59 EST (Washington, D.C. time)Before applying, carefully review the information in our website and Frequently Asked Questions section.

About the selection process:

- To participate in the virtual session, interns must have their own computer and internet connection.

- The OAS does not provide payment/remuneration of any kind.

- The OAS does not provide medical insurance coverage for interns. Selected candidates will be required to submit proof of medical insurance before starting the internship.

- The purpose of the Program is to provide candidates the opportunity to enhance their own academic training and career objectives.

- A preliminary selection of candidates is made by the Department of Human Resources (DHR) and final selection is made by the OAS Departments/Offices.

- Applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements as indicated in our application form will not be considered for the selection process. 

- Departments/Offices will identify possible fits based on specific projects or assignments which may be suitable for interns.

- Applicants will be contacted only if they are under consideration and once the selection process is completed, all applicants will be notified of the results Please do not contact the Internship Program to follow up on the status of the application.

- Interns who will be living in the United States during the internship session under a valid F1/J1 or dependent visa must submit a valid work permit (such as OPT, CPT or employment authorization) if selected for the internship.

Important dates: 

- Applications: September 2 - 30, 2020

- Selection process (estimated, subject to changes): November 2 - 20, 2020

- Internship Session: January 14 - April 30, 2021. 

 If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at internships@oas.org, we'll be glad to clarify any questions.