Commission interaméricaine des droits de l'homme (CIDH)
131 Période de Sessions

    Audiences publiques

    Situation of Discrimination of Afro-descendents in Labor, Education and Access to Justice in the Americas

    Petition 478/05 – Victims of anti-immigrant activities and violence in southern Arizona, United States

    Case 12.644 – José Medellín Rojas (MC 317/06), Rubén Ramírez Cárdenas (MC 328/06) and Humberto Leal García (MC 349/06)

    Women’s access to justice administration systems in the Americas

    Situation of child trafficking and violence against women in Haiti (border zone)

    Prevention of torture in Latin America

    Human Rights Situation in Venezuela

    Case 12.459 – Lysias Fleury, Haiti

    Use of lethal force by the police in Jamaica

    Situation of prisons in the Americas

    Human Rights violations in prisons in Panama

    Obstacles in Argentina to compliance with the reports, decisions and recommendations of the bodies for the protection of human rights in the Inter-American system

    Situation of human rights defenders of the Mapuche People in Chile

    Indirect restrictions of freedom of expression in Brazil

    Petition 1345/05 – Professors of Chañaral, Chile

    Human rights situation of captive communities in Bolivia

    Case 12.542 – Employees of “Fertilizantes de Centroamérica” (FERTICA, Central American Fertilizers), Costa Rica

    Case 12.405 – Vicente Grijalva Bueno, Ecuador

    Investigation, trial and punishment of those responsible for serious violations of human rights in the past and the present in Guatemala

    Protected areas in indigenous territories in Guatemala

    Human rights consequences of the grave environmental violations caused by mining activity in Honduras

    Cases 12.597 – Miguel Camba Campos and others (Judges of the Constitutional Tribunal) and 12.600 – Hugo Quintana Coello and others (Judges of the Supreme Court), Ecuador

    Application of the 2004 Migration Law in the Dominican Republic (Private Hearing)

    Media consolidation and freedom of expression in Mexico

    Cases “Comuna 13”, 12.596 – Luz Dary Ospina Bastidas, 12.595 – Myriam Eugenia Rúa Figueroa and 12.621 – Teresa Yarce, Mery Naranjo and Socorro Mosquera

    Human rights of migrant workers in transit in Mexico

    Human Rights Situation in Colombia

    Human rights situation of women in Chiapas, Mexico

    Human rights situation of displaced Afro-Colombians

    The Organic Law for Military and Police Justice in Peru

    Murder of Women in El Salvador

    Follow-up on recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Peru

    Administration of justice in Nicaragua

    Administration of justice in El Salvador

    Right to education of members of Afro-Descendent and Indigenous communities in the Americas

    Human Rights Situation of Internally Displaced Afro-Colombians

    Press Conference at the Conclusion of the 131 Period of Sessions

    Presentation of the 2007 Annual Reports of the IACourtHR and the IACHR to the Committee on Juridical and Political Affairs of the OAS