Commission interaméricaine des droits de l'homme (CIDH)
130 Période de Sessions

    Audiences publiques

    Inauguration of the 130 Period of Sessions

    Peace Process in El Salvador

    Case 11.481 - Monsignor Romero, El Salvador

    Case 12.632 - Ana María Careaga and others, Argentina

    Independence of the Judiciary in Bolivia

    Follow-up of complaints about extrajudicial executions in Colombia

    Petition 1166/05 – Massacre and Persons Displaced from Tibú, Colombia

    Case 12.658 – Inmates in the Prision of Urso Branco, Brazil

    Situation of Descendants of Fugitive Slaves of the Colonial Period (“Quilombolas”) in Brazil

    General situation of human rights and violence in Haiti

    Situation of Women in Cité Soleil, Haiti

    Malnutrition among Indigenous Children in the Americas

    Case 11.227 - Unión Patriótica, Colombia (Testimonial Declaration)

    Reproductive Rights of Women in the Americas

    Case 12.476 - Oscar Elías Biscet and others, Cuba (Follow-up of recommendations)

    Human Rights Situation of Migrant Workers, Refugee Children and Other Vulnerable Groups in the United States

    Reports on Criminalization of Social Protest in Peru

    Petition 177/04 and Precautionary Measures 26/04 – Warren Summerlin and Others, United States

    Situation of Indigenous Peoples in Voluntary Isolation in Peru–Precautionary Measures 102/07 (Kugpakori Nahua Nanti and others), 262/05 (Mashco Piro, Yora and Arahuaca) y 129/07 (Tagaeri, Taromenane

    Case 12.500 – Omar Maldonado and Others, Chile

    Case 12.590 – José Miguel Gudiel Álvarez and Others (Diario Militar), Guatemala (Testimonial Declaration) - FIRST PART

    Case 12.590 – José Miguel Gudiel Álvarez and Others (Diario Militar), Guatemala (Testimonial Declaration) - SECOND PART

    Case 12.587 – Alicia Barbani and Others (Customers of the Banco de Montevideo), Uruguay

    Rights of Children and Adoption Processes in Guatemala

    Penal justice reforms in Mexico

    Case 12.580 – Inés Fernández Ortega, Mexico

    Case 12.579 – Valentina Rosendo Cantú, Mexico

    Government program for the protection of victims, witnesses and other legal subjects, Venezuela

    Human Rights situation in Venezuela