Commission interaméricaine des droits de l'homme (CIDH)

    Audiences publiques

    Situation of Lawyers in Local Tribunals, Colombia

    Promotion of Racial Equality in Brazil

    Information on Violations of Human Rights in relation to justice, public security and detention system in Brazil

    Situation on Union Leaders in Colombia

    Workers of ECOPETROL - USO

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    Human Rights Situation in Colombia

    Human Rights Situation in Colombia

    Human Rights Situation in Arauca, Colombia

    Precautionary Measure 180-01 - Embera Katío del Alto Sinú, Colombia

    Precautionary Measure 70-99 - Members of Carica Community, Colombia

    Case 12.209 - Leidy Dayan Sánchez, Colombia

    Human Rights Situation of Women in Colombia

    Situation of Afro-Colombian Communities in the Buenaventura County

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    Information on Affirmative Action in the Americas


    Situation of Persons Deprived of Liberty in the Hemisphere


    Human Rights Situation in Peru

    Situation of the Rights of Children in Honduras

    Human Rights Situation of Women in Guatemala

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    Case 12.221 - Jorge Omar Gutiérrez, Argentina

    Follow up to the Report 28/92, Argentina

    Case 11.856 - Aucan Huilcaman et al., Chile

    Situation of Sexual and Reproductive Rights in the Americas


    Follow-up to the Report on Situation of Violence and Discrimination against Women in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

    Case 12.229 - Digna Ochoa and others, Mexico

    Precautionary Measures for Persons under Detention in Guantanamo

    Forced Displacement during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, Mexico

    Follow up in Cases 11.739 - Hector Felix Miranda and 11.740 - Victor Manuel Oropeza, Mexico

    Case 12.495 - James Rexford Powell, United States

    Case 12.360 - Santander Tristán Donoso, Panama

    Human Rights Situation in Bolivia

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