Commission interaméricaine des droits de l'homme (CIDH)

    Audiences publiques

    Situation of Indigenous Peoples in Guatemala

    Case 12.138 - María Teresa de la Cruz Flores, Peru

    Case 11.830 and 12.038 - Workers laid off from the National Congress of Peru

    Follow-up of the Cases of the Joint Press Release of February 22, 2001, Peru

    Human Rights Situation in Peru

    Case 12.249 - Jorge Odir Miranda Cortez, El Salvador

    Situation of Impunity for Crimes Perpetrated during the Armed Conflict in El Salvador

    Human Rights Situation in El Salvador

    Human Rights Situation in Guatemala

    Situation of Application of the Death Penalty in Guatemala

    Case 12.352 - Bruce Harris Lloyd, Guatemala

    Situation of Indigenous Lands and Agrarian Reform in Paraguay

    Human Rights Situation in Espíritu Santo, Brazil

    Case 12.397 - Hélio Bicudo, Brazil

    Human Rights Situation in Brazil

    Human Rights Situation in Venezuela

    Parapolice Groups in Venezuela

    Case 12.194 - Euclides Rafael Moreno Morean, Venezuela

    Petition 131/01 - Janet Delgado, Ecuador

    Precautionary Measures - Franklin San Andrés Laz, Ecuador

    Situation of Refugees and Others who Require Protection in the Hemisphere


    Human Rights Situation in Haiti

    Human Rights Situation in Colombia

    Situation of the Administration of Justice in Colombia

    Human Rights Situation in Arauca and the Meta Region in Colombia

    Human Rights Situation in the Region of Antioch and in the Commune 13 of Medellin, Colombia

    Case 12.050 - La Granja, Ituango, Colombia

    Case 12.250 - Mapiripán-Meta, Colombia

    Precautionary Measure 303-02 - Gustavo Petro, Colombia

    Human Rights Situation of Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in the Hemisphere


    Situation of the Right to Freedom of Expression and Information in Central America


    Precautionary Measures for Persons Detained in Guantanamo

    Situation of Impunity in Panama on Cases of 1968-1989

    Case 12.392 - Pedro Antonio Mejía Guerra, Honduras

    Case 12.376 - Alba Lucía Rodríguez Cardona, Colombia

    Situation of the Rights of Women in the Hemisphere


    Precautionary Measures - Embera Katío Indigenous Community, Colombia

    Case 12.417 - Whitley Myrie, Jamaica

    Petition 2263/02 - Javier Suárez Medina, United States

    Human Rights Situation in Cuba

    Situation of the Rights of Children in the Americas


    Situation of the Victims of Kidnapping in Colombia

    Case 11.141 - Villatina, Colombia

    Mechanism in Colombia for Follow-up of Recommendations to Merits Reports

    Case 12.291 - Wilson Gutiérrez Soler, Colombia

    Case 10.171 - Germán Escué, Colombia

    Precautionary Measures for Internally Displaced Personas from Cacarica, Colombia

    Situation related to Murders of Women in Ciudad Juarez

    Information Related to Alleged Acts of Torture in Mexico

    Petition 12.229 - Digna Ochoa, Mexico

    Case 12.130 - Miguel Orlando Muñoz Guzmán, Mexico

    Case 12.228 - Alfonso Martín del Campo Dodd, Mexico

    Situation of the Death Penalty in Barbados

    Situation of the Death Penalty in Belize

    Situation of the Rights of Persons Affected by Bank Regulations ("Corralito") in Argentina

    Human Rights Situation in Argentina

    Situation of Administrative of Justice in Argentina

    Case 12.388 - Yatama, Nicaragua

    Situation of Community Radios and Freedom of Expression in the Hemisphere


    Human Rights Situation Related to Environmental Deterioration in the Hemisphere