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 Submit request for hearing or working meeting before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights  

The 180th Period of Sessions of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) will be held virtually from June 21 to July 2, 2021. Hearings and working meetings will be held on all OAS countries.

The deadline to request hearings and working meetings for this period of sessions is  April 21, 2021 at 11:59pm (E.S.T.).

For more information please refer to Title II, Chapter VI on “Hearings before the Commission” in the Rules of Procedure of the IACHR at

Requests for hearings and working meetings related to petitions, cases and precautionary measures must meet certain requirements as indicated in Articles 62 and 64 of the IACHR's Rules of Procedure.

As indicated in Article 62 of the Rules of Procedure, "The hearings may have the purpose of receiving information from the parties with respect to a petition or case being processed before the Commission, follow-up on recommendations, precautionary measures, or general or particular information related to human rights in one or more Member States of the OAS."

Additionally, Article 64 of the Rules of Procedure stipulates, "Hearings on petitions or cases shall have as their purpose the receipt of oral or written presentations by the parties relative to new facts and information additional to that which has been produced during the proceeding. The information may refer to any of the following issues: admissibility; the initiation or development of the friendly settlement procedure; the verification of the facts; the merits of the matter; follow-up on recommendations; or any other matter pertinent to the processing of the petition or case." In this regard, the corresponding petition, case or precautionary measure must currently be in process before Commission.

If the hearing or working meeting is granted, the Executive Secretariat will notify you at least one month in advance. The calendar of hearings and working meetings will be posted at two weeks before the period of sessions begins.

Instructions to complete and verify the request:

Through this system you can submit requests for hearings or working meetings on matters in process before the State and requests for hearings of a general nature.

Please remember that it is necessary to submit one request per petition, case, precautionary measure or thematic topic. If you wish to request more than one hearing or working meeting, please complete a separate form for each individual request.

Documents can be uploaded in the following formats: .pdf, .doc, .docx and .zip. The file names should not contain any special characters (do not use periods, hyphens, etc.) and should be saved in the following manner prior to uploading: Country, Organization, Topic. (Example: FranceOrgXXXhumanrights.docx) 

The questions with an asterisk (*) are required and the form will not advance to the next question until the answer is completed.

To return to the previous page(s) to verify or modify information, use the “Back” button, and to move forward use the “Next” button.

The “Cancel” button will close the request.

If you reach the end of the form, once all information has been entered, check the option “Correct” and click the “Done” button so that the request is submitted and subsequently received by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

If you receive a final message prior to the last page and do not reach the aforementioned options (“Correct” and “Done” button”), it is because the information provided in the request will not be considered as it does not meet the requirements set forth in Articles 62 and 64 of the Rules of procedure of the IACHR.
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