Organization of American States Department of<br />Human Development
OAS-Grupo Coimbra de Universidades Brasileiras (GCUB) Scholarship Program 2017

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This Application Form must be completed online in its entirety before you exit the site or before you submit it. The information entered cannot be saved to continue in future sessions.

Before you start, please make sure you have all the following required documents, scanned and stored up in one (1) single PDF file of no more than 5 MB (the system will not accept files that are over this size).

a. Copy of official identification document: citizenship document, passport, national identification document, etc.

b. Curriculum Vitae (Resume): Maximum 5 pages. (It is not necessary to attach supporting certificates)

c. Transcripts of grades (academic records) of all completed courses during undergraduate and Master’s studies (if applicable);

d. Diploma*: Diploma or certificate of completion of studies, for Bachelor’s or Master’s (if applicable)

* If your diploma is being issued, you may attach a certificate issued by the university certifying the fulfillment of all academic requirements, including the approval of graduation projects, if applicable.


e. Two (2) letters of recommendation preferably from university professors or other people of renowned academic or work expertise.

f. Three (3) essays for each program with the following specifications:
For each of the Master’s/Doctorate program, you must write 3 essays. For example: if you apply to 3 programs, you must send 9 essays in total.

- Font type: Times New Roman, No.12

- Line spacing: 1.5

- Top, bottom, left, and right margins: 2.5 cm

- Language: English, Spanish, French or Portuguese 

Essay 1: Academic expectations and interests, professional expectations and prospects upon return to the country of origin (maximum of two pages). 

Essay 2: For each of the Master’s or Doctoral programs, present a justification of the program selection, central theme and problem to be investigated, delimitation and justification of the object of study, bibliographic review, methodological procedures, timeline and bibliographic references (maximum of eight pages).

Essay 3: Letter of commitment (maximum of one page) describing each of the following aspects:

1) Source(s) of funding and a payment plan for expenses not covered by the scholarship program (i.e. airfare, international medical insurance, additional subsistence expenses, and visa fees).

2) Ability to relocate to Brazil before the expected start date of the program and to reside there for the duration of the study program.


Any Document not included in your PDF file, cannot be added by the OAS/GCUB after you submit your application, and therefore will be considered incomplete. If you still need to make changes in your application form after having submitted it, you must start a new one. Please try to submit your complete application once.

The OAS will not be responsible for any possible technical problem in trying to submit applications during the last week before the deadline: October 2, 2017 until 06:00 am (Washington, D.C. time). We strongly recommend you to apply in advance.

Before you begin, please read again the Scholarship Announcement and the FAQs sections to clarify questions about the application process.

For other questions regarding this scholarship opportunity, please email (Helpdesk will only be available and answering questions from August 1, 2017 and will be inactive after the announcement closes. Office hours are from Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 hrs., local time in Washington, D.C., USA)

If you have read all instructions and are prepared to fill out and complete the application form from beginning to end, please click on the "Continue" button below.