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Masterclass in European Digital Economy Regulation



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OAS–CITEL Scholarship Opportunities under the
OAS Partnerships Program for Education and Training

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (GS/OAS) through the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL), ISES and the GVF’s Andrew Werth Memorial Scholarship program are offering complete tuition scholarships1 to qualified candidates of the Americas to further their education through the

OAS–CITEL /Cullen International - Scholarship Opportunities

Cullen International, in the framework of a partnership with the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (GS/OAS) through the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL), is offering two different types of scholarships to a qualified candidate of the Americas to further their education through a:

Masterclass in European Digital Economy Regulation


About the Organization of American States (OAS), CITEL and Cullen International

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States

GS/OAS is the central and permanent organ of the Organization of American States (OAS). Through its Department of Human Development and Education (DHDE), GS/OAS supports OAS member states in creating policies and executing programs that promote human capacity development at all educational levels. By enabling formative opportunities to citizens, DHDE strengthens democratic values and security under the framework of regional integration. DHDE does this: (i) by supporting the efforts of OAS member states to improve the quality of and equity in education while enhancing and highlighting the contribution of their diverse cultures to economic, social, and human development; and (ii) by assisting the citizens of the Americas in realizing their full potential by giving them access to knowledge and skills through training that improves the standard of living for individuals, families and communities in the region.

The Inter-American Telecommunication Commission of the OAS (CITEL)

The Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL) is an entity of the Organization of American States (hereinafter "the Organization"), established by the General Assembly, in accordance with Article 53 of the Charter of the Organization.

CITEL has the mission to facilitate and promote the integral and sustainable development of interoperable, innovative and reliable telecommunications/ICTs in the Americas, under the principles of universality, equity and affordability.

The vision of CITEL is the full integration of the American States into the Global Information Society, with a view to enabling and accelerating social, economic and environmentally sustainable development for all the region’s inhabitants through the development of telecommunications and information and communication technologies (ICTs)

About Cullen International

Cullen International is an independent provider of regulatory intelligence covering competition law and the telecommunications, media, digital economy and postal sectors. For almost 30 years, Cullen International has been tracking, analysing and benchmarking regulatory developments, now covering the Middle East and North Africa, as well as Europe and Latin America.

Cullen International provides comprehensive, neutral, unbiased, timely information that is used by the whole industry and is widely recognized as the leading regulatory support service provider in the field.

Its services consist of a unique range of alerts, reports, benchmarks and enquiry services, which are complemented by training and consulting services. The outstanding regulatory library contains over twenty-five years of source documents linked to expert analysis of events.

Cullen International is also regularly selected to carry out important research and studies for the European Commission and other organizations and is frequently sought out to chair or make presentations at industry events.

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1. Modality of the course: Onsite, Brussels, Belgium

2. Start and end dates of the course: November 25-26, 2015

3. Course duration: Two days

4. Language of instruction: English

5. Coordinator of the course:

Mr. Ezequiel Dominguez, Ezequiel Dominguez

Head, Latin America Telecom and Media


Cullen International

M +54 9 223 6 008 701

Clos Lucien Outers 11-21/1

1160 Brussels, Belgium

7. Course Objectives and Content: The training will provide attendees with:

o a clear overview of the regulatory concepts, mechanisms, and challenges affecting the digital economy sector

o an insight into the privacy regulatory framework affecting both electronic communications service providers and other types of providers, with a special emphasis on the changes that will be introduced at the EU level

o an overview of the protection of consumers when purchasing digital goods and services

o a clear picture of the roles and liability of intermediaries (ISPs, search engines, social media) when fighting illegal and harmful content

o an update of recent EU developments relating to security

o an introduction into the big debates that are shaping discussions surrounding copyright and geo-blocking.



One “full” scholarship and one “partial” scholarship will be granted:

o A complete scholarship of the registration fee to the course for one participant, for a value of US$1,700 (1,500 Euros), covering also the accommodation and flights expenses for a maximum amount of US$2,800 (2,500 Euros) and the costs for lunches and dinners i.e a maximum total value of US$4,500 (4,000 Euros).

NB: By accepting the “full” scholarship, the participant or the participant’s company or organization commit themselves to take charge of any other extra amount above the US$2,800 (2,500 Euros) foreseen for the expenses.

o A “partial” scholarship covering the registration fees to the course for one participant, for a value of US$1,700 (1,500 Euros). (Costs for lunches and dinners fully covered).

NB: By accepting the “partial” scholarship, the participant or the participant’s company or organization commit themselves to bear the expenses for travel and accommodation.


o Be a citizen or permanent resident of an OAS Member State (Antigua and Barbuda, Argentine Republic, Bahamas (Commonwealth of the), Barbados, Belize, Bolivia (Plurinational State of), Brazil (Federative Republic of), Canada, Chile, Colombia (Republic of), Costa Rica, Dominica (Commonwealth of), Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador (Republic of), United States of America, Grenada, Guatemala (Republic of), Guyana, Haiti (Republic of), Honduras (Republic of), Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama (Republic of), Paraguay (Republic of), Peru, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Kitts and Nevis (Federation of), Suriname (Republic of), Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay (Eastern Republic of), Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

o Participant profile: As the history of market liberalization in the EU and the associated regulatory framework is often seen as an interesting and influential model for other regional markets, these classes will meet the needs of those who want to:

1. gain a clear insight into the main issues and latest developments of the EU telecoms regulatory framework;

2. understand how these issues may translate into their own national regulatory environment; and

3. learn and exchange views on emerging questions faced by the communications industry

o The ideal participants for these masterclasses are:

o seasoned regulatory experts who have become specialized in a specific regulatory area but who wish to refresh their understanding of the broader range of regulatory issues, or

o Individuals who have recently moved into a regulatory position and wish to acquire a rapid grasp of the key debates.

o This class is not designed for experts who already have thorough understanding of EU telecoms regulation.


If you were awarded an OAS Professional Development Scholarship in the past twelve (12) months or if you currently hold an OAS Scholarship for Academic Studies, you are NOT eligible to apply for another Professional Development Scholarship.

Also, Staff members of the General Secretariat, persons under performance contracts with the General Secretariat, staff members of the permanent missions to the OAS, and their relatives are not eligible for OAS academic scholarships.


4.1 Required documents:

· Completed OAS Scholarship Application Form, please selected the course:

1. After having read the course information thoroughly, click “Continue/Continuar” at the end of the page.

2. Complete application form.

3. After completing application form click “Send/Enviar” at the end of the page 5.

4. A copy of the application form will be sent automatically to your e-mail account.

5. Print and sign application form e-mailed to your account.

6. Submit signed form and

· Copy of the transcript of the latest degree obtained

· Updated resume

· One letter of recommendation of current or most recent employer

To the National Liaison Office (ONE) in your country.

5. SCHOLARSHIP SELECTION CRITERIA: Scholarships shall be granted based on the following criteria:

· The merits and overall credentials of the candidate, including his/her academic and professional background, and

· An extensive and equitable geographic distribution for the benefit of all member states that takes into account the greater needs of the smaller and relatively less developed economies.


· Confirm their acceptance of the scholarship award by signing and returning to OAS DHDE their completed form: “Acceptance of the Scholarship Award”.

· Inform the OAS Department of Human Development and Education at least one week before the program start date in the event he/she is unable to begin the program of study so that the scholarship may be offered to the next ranked candidate.

· If after accepting the scholarship, the scholarship recipient for whatever reason cannot attend the course, he or she must immediately notify the Department of Human Development and Education of the OAS.

In every case, all future participants to Cullen International’s scholarships (whether they benefit from the “full” or “partial” scholarships) are expected to subscribe to travel insurance. The costs related to this insurance shall be borne either by the participant’s organization or the participant.

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