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Program: International MBA


The application must be filled out completely before leaving the site or submitting the application.

The information you enter can be saved while working on it during this session. However, the information cannot be saved to continue in another session.

Take into account that the application requires that the following two essays are written in English. Each essay must be a minimum of 800 characters (not words) and a maximum of 2900 characters (including spaces).

  • Essay 1: Describe how acquiring this academic degree will directly impact and enhance your professional skills in your current job position or career.
  • Essay 2: The OAS – ESAN Scholarship requires recipients to return to their country of citizenship or legal residence for 2 years upon completion of the studies. Please explain how you intend to apply the acquired knowledge and experience to contribute to the development of your country or region. Before you begin your submission, please ensure you have all required documents, scanned in one (1) single file in PDF (5MB), since it is a requirement to submit a successful scholarship application:

Gather the following documents in the following order:

1. Copy of government issued identification document; e.g.: passport, citizenship I.D., driver’s license, etc.

2. Letter of unconditional admission to ESAN University or proof of an ongoing application process at ESAN University, which could be a confirmation email with an application confirmation number.

NOTE: Applying for the OAS-ESAN scholarship as soon as the candidate begins her/his application process for the International MBA is highly recommended. However, please bear in mind that the scholarship can only be granted to candidates who hold an unconditional admission letter from ESAN.

3. Curriculum Vitae or Resume; please do not include certificates for professional development courses, workshops or similar courses.

4. Undergraduate diploma or degree certificate from the study university, certifying compliance with all academic requirements, including approval of final exams/ thesis, if applicable.

5. Copy of undergraduate academic records or transcripts of completed programs;

6. One recommendation letter: from a university professor or from a current or most recent employer. The letter must includes: the professor’s/employer’s position, contact information, date and signature. We do not require a specific format.

7. Students whose native language is not English will be required to submit one of the following documents to prove their English proficiency:

I. An official transcript verifying completion of studies in an English-speaking university in the last five years; OR

II. A Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of 580 or higher for the paper based test, 237 for computer-based test, or an internet-based (IBT) score of at least 80; OR


IV. Equivalent

TOEFL or IELTS certificates must not be older than two years from date in which the application is submitted.

TE: Applicants must ensure that all information provided as part of the OAS Scholarship Application is accurate, true and correct. While documents are sent electronically, applicants must be able to present physical and original copies of these documents if required to do so.

Remember that the deadline to apply for the OAS-ESAN scholarship is July 3rd, 2015.

Note that the OAS will only consider complete applications. Applicants failing to submit all required documents will be considered ineligible.

Once you complete and submit this online application, you will receive an email confirming your registration with a copy of your submitted PDF application form.

Remember: you must forward this confirmation email with the attached PDF application form to ESAN at:

Once you have submitted your online application, you can no longer make changes. If you need to change information previously submitted, you will need to create and submit a new application.

If you have questions regarding the scholarship, or the online application form, please contact Daniel Cabrera and cc/Luciana Pereira

This application should be completed on-line.

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