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XLII Course on International Law "The Current Inter-American Legal Agenda"



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Professional Development Scholarships Program

XLII Course on International Law[1]/
“The Current Inter-American Legal Agenda”


1. Venue: JW Marriott Rio de Janeiro Hotel, Ave. Atlântica 2600, Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

2. Coordination: Department of International Law of the Secretariat for Legal Affairs of the Organization of American State

3. Type of course: Face-to-face

4.   Date: August 3 to 21, 2015

5. Duration of the course: Three (3) weeks

6. Languages: Spanish and English. There is no simultaneous interpreting for this course.

7. Objective: Study, discussion, and information regarding recent developments in public and private international law.

8. Program: The Course program is drawn up by the Inter-American Juridical Committee and the Department of International Law of the OAS Secretariat for Legal Affairs. There will be two classes in the morning, from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and one in the afternoon, from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, although this schedule may vary depending on the final course schedule.

9. Certificates: A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to those students who attend at least 90 percent of the classes and pass two exams held over the three weeks of the Course. Each participant may submit one paper on one of the topics discussed during the Course, within three months of the end of the Course, after first submitting a hypothesis and work plan by a deadline established by the Coordinator. If the final version of the paper is satisfactory, the student will receive a Pass Certificate.

10. Requirements:

  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of an OAS member state.[2]/ (Residents must send in a copy of their visa);
  • Have a professional title/degree in law or international relations; Candidates must present a copy of their professional degree and certification of the subjects studied, with the grades obtained for each;
  • Have had professional experience in the field of international law and international relations;
  • Not be older than 40 when taking the Course;
  • Be proposed by a government agency, an institute of higher education, or a public or private institution directly concerned with international law and international relations that services of the scholarship recipient upon her or his return;
  • Have an excellent command of Spanish and English, duly accredited by submitting a certificate attesting to command of language other than mother tongue. This requirement is strictly enforced, inescapable, and applications not meeting it are discouraged, as there is no interpreting service for the course. It must also be noted that Course-related documents and correspondence will not be translated into both languages.
  • Be physically able to meet the obligations of the Course.
  • Not to have been selected for a scholarship in any previous year for the Course on International Law.
  • Submit a properly completed application before the deadline set by the corresponding National Liaison Office (ONE).[3]/ Candidates are responsible for verifying that deadline with their respective ONE.

N.B.: If you have been awarded an OAS Professional Development Program in the last twelve (12) months, or if you currently hold an Academic Scholarship, you are not eligible to apply for another scholarship from the Professional Development Program.

11. Criteria governing the award of OAS scholarships: Pursuant to Article 4.2 of the Manual of Procedures for Scholarships and Training Programs, OAS scholarships shall be granted on the basis of the following criteria:

  • The objectives and priorities established in the OAS Strategic Plan for Partnership for Development;
  • The training priorities of the member states;
  • The merits and overall credentials of the candidate, including his/her academic and professional background;
  • The financial need of the candidate; and
  • An extensive and equitable geographic distribution for the benefit of all member states that takes into account the greater needs of the smaller and relatively less developed economies.

12. Benefits:

  • The OAS defrays coach-class return air fare between the scholarship-holder’s place of residence and Río de Janeiro. Funds are not provided to cover terminal and transit expenses.[4]/
  • Health and accident insurance for the duration of the Course. While the OAS provides insurance, it is important to note that this insurance provides for reimbursement of expenses incurred, whereby any incident occurring in Rio de Janeiro that may require assistance, should be paid for by the awardee, who may then, under the terms provided for in the insurance, apply for reimbursement of expenses incurred.
  • A subsistence payment of US$650.00.
  • If a candidate residing in the Río de Janeiro metropolitan area is selected, he or she shall not receive the subsistence payment.


13. Responsibility of Awardees

  • Following selection, candidates must notify the OAS Department of Human Development and Education (DHDE) of their willingness to make use of the scholarship during the period indicated, so that the OAS can make the necessary arrangements for the purchase of the coach-class return ticket between the country of origin and the Course venue.
  • Scholarship Acceptance Form: The candidates selected must formally accept the Professional Development Scholarship by completing and signing the “Scholarship Acceptance Form” that the Department of Human Development and Education will send them soon after their selection. Only when the DHDE has received that duly signed form will it proceed to arrange for the purchase of the coach-class return air ticket between the country of origin and/or residence and the Course venue.
  • Cost of subsistence: The total subsistence cost for each scholarship holder in Río de Janeiro is estimated at approximately US$3,000. 00 (as of December 2014), although this may vary according to each scholarship holder's lifestyle. ). Each participant will be required to defray out of his or her own funds the balance of approximately US$2,350.00. (These figures may have to be amended by August 2015)
  • It will be incumbent upon each awarded to do what is necessary to obtain in good time the visa(s) she or he will require to enter Brazil and any transit country (if applicable). The OAS will not defray any immigration or visa-related expenses.
  • Date of arrival in Río de Janeiro: It is the responsibility of the selected candidate to arrive at the Course venue in good time to attend the inauguration of the Course on the date set by the Institution offering the Course.
  • It will be up to the awardees to find their own lodging. The Coordination Office will provide a list of hotels offering discounts for scholarship holders, as well as the names and contact data of other scholarship holders, should they wish to share accommodation.
  • If a selected candidate accepts the scholarship but later, for compelling reasons, cannot take it up, she or he must immediately notify the Department of International Law and the Department of Human Development and Education, so that this office can decide what steps to take and make the necessary arrangements.
  • If a selected candidate declines the scholarship after the air ticket has been bought without due authorization by the Department of Human Development and Education, or does not travel on the dates established, or changes route, he or she shall be responsible for defraying the cost of the air fare and for any further cost incurred.
  • If a selected candidate does not travel on the dates established or changes route after the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (GS/OAS) has bought the ticket, the candidate shall be responsible for paying any difference in the air fare needed to arrive in time for the start of the Course.
  • A selected candidate shall reimburse the total cost of the return ticket from his or her country of residence to the country where the Course is held if, after the ticket has been purchased, he or she declines the scholarship without due authorization in writing from the OAS Department of Human Development and Education. This shall include any additional expenditure incurred by the GS/OAS, such as extra accommodation expense during travel by the scholarship-holder from his or her country of origin to the Country in which the Course is held. This shall include any additional expenditure incurred by the GS/OAS, such as extra accommodation expense during travel by the scholarship-holder from his or her country of origin to the Country in which the Course is held.
  • An awardee must reimburse the total cost of all benefits received, including the return air fare from/to his or her country of residence and the country hosting the Course and subsistence and other allowances, if she or he does not satisfy the minimum attendance requirement for obtaining the Certificate of Attendance (see point 9), except for reasons of force majeure duly and promptly notified to the Course Coordination Office.

14. Submission of applications:

                                                Any question about submitting applications for this course should be sent to:

Observation: The XLII Course on International Law is open to participants with or without scholarships. This document is intended for those who wish to apply for the scholarship. Those wishing to apply for the course as non-scholarship holders should email us at:

[1]. The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (GS/OAS) reserves the right to cancel this scholarship announcement at any stage in the process. Furthermore, neither the GS/OAS, nor its staff shall be liable for any action related in any way to the information contained in this announcement.

[3]. The deadline for applications to be submitted to the ONE varies from country to country and should therefore be confirmed with the ONE in the applicant’s country of origin or permanent residency.

[4]. The OAS PDSP of the Department of Human Development and Education will defray up to $ 1,350.00 in round trip air fares between member states.

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