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OAS – Université Laval Scholarship Opportunities

under the

OAS Emergency Scholarship Program for Haiti

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (GS/OAS) and Université Laval (Laval) are offering scholarships to qualified candidates that are citizens and residents of Haiti to further their professional education through the following program:


Program Start Dates

Program Duration

Masters in Administration: International Development Management

September 12, 2011

2 years

About the OAS and Université Laval

The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States

GS/OAS is the central and permanent organ of the Organization of American States (OAS). Through its Department of Human Development, Education and Culture (DHDEC), GS/OAS supports OAS member states in creating policies and executing programs that promote human capacity development at all educational levels. By enabling formative opportunities to citizens, DHDEC strengthens democratic values and security under the framework of regional integration. DHDEC does this: (i) by supporting the efforts of OAS member states to improve the quality of and equity in education while enhancing and highlighting the contribution of their diverse cultures to economic, social, and human development; and (ii) by assisting the citizens of the Americas in realizing their full potential by giving them access to knowledge and skills through training that improves the standard of living for individuals, families and communities in the region.

Université Laval

Located in Canada’s Québec City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Université Laval boasts a tradition of excellence in its academic programs and major breakthroughs in its research activities. Université Laval is one of Canada’s top universities and open to the world with 4000 students from 90 countries enrolled per year.

Resolutely committed to the highest standards, Université Laval contributes to the development of society by educating qualified and responsible individuals who become agents of change and by seeking and sharing knowledge in a stimulating environment of research and creation.

In carrying out its mission, Université Laval:

  • puts students at the centre of its concerns and offers them stimulating curricula and surroundings;
  • develops research and creative activities that strengthen its integration into the great international networks;
  • promotes the involvement of its members in both the university and the community at large;
  • reflects the culture of high standards in all its activities and as regards all its members; and
  • is concerned with the school-to-work transition of its graduates.


For detailed information about the program, please review the description below:

A. International Development Management:

The aim of the Program is to train managers to deal with problems related to the logistics of international development management. The Program will enable students to more specifically: examine, critically and independently, the new international environment and its practices, appropriate use of knowledge acquired in one of two specializations that are international development management consulting and the logistics of humanitarian action, or a combination of these specializations. With a chronic shortage of local international development managers in Haiti, this Program aims to train and supply a cohort of qualified Haitian development managers.

More detailed information about the Masters in Administration: International Development Management Program can be found on the following link


This Master’s program is designed for professionals and leaders at all levels of public, private, and not-for-profit organizations who want to create and sustain change in their organizations. It is structured for all those working in management to help them reinforce their administrative skills to better respond to international aid norms and procedures now that donor institutions are getting more and more involved in the areas of procurement and allocation of funds.


This Master’s program will be delivered entirely online (Internet) through University Laval website.


French; please note that some learning activities and materials will be in English.


The application deadline for admission to this program is June 15th, 2011.

The Laval application form for admission is available on the following link Please print this form to fill it out. There is a CAN$52 fee that appplicants will have to be sent with the application form when applying directly to Laval.  This fee can be paid with a certified check addressed to Universiyté Laval.


Please send all information request about the Master's program as well as the application form with the required documents for admission to the program to the following person:

André Gascon

Université Laval

Faculté des sciences de l’administration

Québec, QC Canada G1V 0A6

Tel. (418) 656-3091

Fax : (418) 656-7047

E-mail :

When sending the application package to M. André Gascon, please include a cover letter specifying that you are applying for the Maters in International Development Management Program of the OAS Emergency Scholarship Program for Haiti.



The scholarship covers 100% of the tuition and cost of books. The scholarship recipients will have access to computers and internet through the OAS Computer Center at Ecole Supérieure d’ Informatique d’ Haiti (ESIH) located at 2e Ruelle Nazon #29.

The scholarship recipient will be responsible for all remaining costs associated with the Program including:

· University application fee of CAN $52.
· Examination fee for the TOEFL or English Evaluation Exam delivered at the Haitian American Institute, which ever you prefer to submit.


All Applicants must:

·  Be a haitian national residing in Haiti;

· Have an undergraduate degree (regardless of discipline), or equivalent education and work experience, as determined by the university.

. Have a GPA of 3.22 out of 4.33 or the equivalent.

· Have good command of English, with documentary evidence. Applicants for whom English is not the first or native language or who have not completed at least a 2 year degree program at an educational institution where the language of instruction is English should submit the one of the following to verify English proficiency:

        o An official transcript verifying completion of secondary education in which English is the primary language of communication
        o A test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) with a score of 550 or higher for the paper based test, 215 for computer-based test or 90 for internet-based test; IELTS 5.5, or the equivalent
        o English Evaluation Certificate delivered by the Haitian American Institute located in Port au Prince Haiti

. Possess basic computer and internet skills

In addition to aforementioned requirements for admission to the program, preference shall be given to those with proven success in the management of major international development and humanitarian projects.


Please note that you are not eligible to apply for this scholarship if:

- you were awarded an OAS Professional Development Scholarship in the past twelve (12) months or if you currently hold an OAS Scholarship for Academic Studies;

- you are not a Haitian citizen living in Haiti;

Also, Staff members of the General Secretariat, persons under performance contracts with the General Secretariat, staff members of the permanent missions to the OAS, and their relatives are not eligible for OAS academic scholarships.


Required documents:

· Letter of admission from Laval University to the Masters in Administration: International Development Management

· Completed OAS Scholarship Application (press continue at the bottom of this page to go to the application form)

· Copy of the latest degree obtained
. Copy of the transcript of the latest degree obtained or letter from the university stating that the candidate’s education and work experience is equivalent to a degree.

· Updated resume

· One professional letter of recommendation

· Document showing proof of English language proficiency (TOEFL or English Evaluation Exam delivered at the Haitian American Institute, which ever you prefer to submit)

Applicants should complete the OAS Scholarship Application Form, print the completed application form and submit it with all the abovementioned required documents in PDF format to the Bureau National de Liaison in Haiti (ONE) located at the Ministère de la Planification et de la Cooperation Externe via e-mail to with the subject matter: “OAS-Laval Scholarships for Haiti”, or by regular mail to the Bureau. The application deadline is July 15th, 2011.

The application has to be submitted by the deadline to the ONE at the Ministère de la Planification et de la Cooperation Externe in Haiti.

For additional information about the OAS Emergency Scholarship Program for Haiti, please contact with copy to with subject: “Haiti Scholarship Program”.


Scholarships shall be granted based on the following criteria:

    • The merits and overall credentials of the candidate, including his/her academic and professional background;
    • Proof that the candidate is living in Haiti at the moment the application is submitted and commitment to stay in Haiti while performing the online studies.


All Scholarship Recipients must:

· Fulfill all requirements of the program for which the OAS scholarship is awarded;

· Have unrestricted Internet access and a computer with the minimum technical specifications as required by the program or have the means to reach Ecole Supérieure d’ Informatique d’ Haiti (ESIH), where OAS scholarship recipients will have free access to the OAS Computer Center, including internet access.

· Confirm their acceptance of the scholarship award by signing and returning to DHDEC their completed form: “Acceptance of the Scholarship Award”.

· Inform the OAS Department of Human Development, Education and Culture in the event he/she is unable to begin the program of study so that the scholarship may be offered to the next ranked candidate or if he/she has to drop out of the Program for compelling reasons.

· Reimburse GS/OAS the total amount of the scholarship costs, if he/she declines the scholarship after the start of the program or drops out of the Program without compelling reason/proof.

This application must be completed on-line.

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