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English Teacher as a Second Language



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Professional Development Scholarships Program

English Teacher as a Second Language


1 . Headquartered: Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Caribbean
headquartered. Address: Carretera Circunvalar San Luis – Free Town No
52-44, San Andrés Isla, Colombia. Tel/Fax: (57-8) 513-3310

2. Coordinators:

Andrey Molina, E-Mail:

Juan Carlos Grimaldo, E-Mail:

3. Date: June 15 th to July 9 th of 2010

4. Languages: English

5 . Modality: Onsite

6. Duration: Twenty eight (28) days

7. Objective: That the participating teachers reach the level B1 (Intermedium - Basic), and thus improve their communication skills in English as a foreign language.

8. Program:

The curriculum guidelines of the student book Face-2-face Intermediate and the workbook.

Complementary activities that will allow students to practice their skills.

The development process of a project that will be linked to the contents of the cultural activities of the program and to the native context’s experience

Main Topics

Main grammatical points

Areas of key vocabulary

At work

Family and friends

Holidays, leisure and entertainment

Different Cultures

Decisions and choices



Simple and Continuous Present, Past, Future tenses

Perfect Tenses

Asking questions

Expressing negatives

Comparatives, superlatives



Modal verbs


Free time activities

Frequency adverbs

Connecting words

- ed ; - ing adjectives

Verb-noun collocations

Quantity phrases

Verb + infinitive or + - ing

Any/Some/Every/No + thing/one/body


This course will teach English from a communicative methodology, which integrates the four skills in learning a second language, but will emphasize listening and speech skills. Thus, the methodological approaches in the classroom will focus on the student. This means, the activities are mainly focused towards couples and group exercises, discussions and debates within and outside the classroom. Additionally, participating teachers will work towards the development of small projects in their work and research areas.

9. Candidate Requirements:

Be citizen or permanent resident of one of the Spanish speaker countries with the exception of Colombia as is the host country.

Degree in Teaching English or in Language

Submit copy of diploma of higher education level or copy of diploma of specialization related to the theme of the course.

Two (2) years minimum of experience in work related to the theme of the course.

    • Present employment certificate where can be possible to verify its position as Basic English Teacher, in an educational entity in the public sector. (Usually the course is aimed at teachers who are diagnosed at A2 level, according to the levels of the Common Frame of Reference of Languages of Europe)
    • Good understanding of Spanish, if is not first language, present proficiency certificate.
    • Candidates must have frequent access to a computer with Internet access.
    • Participants must know how to use a computer, browse the Internet, download documents from the Internet, and interact in virtual forums.
    • Present health certificate issued by a physician.
    • Submit the completed application before the deadline set by the National Liaison Organization (ONE) [1] Candidates are responsible for verifying the date specified in the relevant ONE in their country of residence.

10. Scholarship Award Criteria OAS: According to Article 4.2 of the Procedures and Scholarship Manual, the OAS scholarships will be awarded based on the following criteria:

  • The objectives and priorities established in the Strategic Plan for Cooperation for Development.

  • The training priorities of Member States

  • The merits and overall credentials of the candidate, including academic and professional background;

  • The candidate's financial need; and

  • A broad and equitable geographical distribution for the benefit of all Member States and taking into account the greater needs of smaller economies and less developed

11. Benefits:

  • The Department of Human Development, Education and Culture of the OAS will provide air fare round trip, economy class, since place of residence to the study place. No funds are provided for terminal and transit expenses.

  • Universidad Nacional of Colombia will provide:

    1. Room and Board

    2. Local Transportation.

12) Liability of scholarship recipients :

  • The selected candidates must confirm their acceptance to the Representation of the General Secretariat of the OAS in its own country and to the National Liaison Office (ONE) so that the OAS can proceed to make arrangements to buy the air ticket roundtrip, economy class, from the country of origin and/or residence to the headquarters of studies, or to appoint an alternate candidate if a student refuses the scholarship.

  • The selected candidates must confirm acceptance of the scholarship by signing and sending completely the "Scholarship Acceptance Form" to the Department of Human Development, Education and Culture. Only after this has been done correctly, the OAS shall arrange for the purchase of roundtrip airfare, economy class from the country of origin and/or residence to the headquarters of studies.

  • Once selected, candidates must accept the scholarship, through the confirmation of his availability for the course during the indicated time and the acceptance of the study conditions, provided timely.

  • It is the responsibility of each candidate manage and get the correspondent visa(s) to enter to the country of study. The OAS will not incur any cost associated with obtaining visas.

  • It is the responsibility of the selected candidate arrive at the study site early enough to be present at the inauguration of the course on the date established by the institution that offer the course.

  • When a candidate does not travel on specified dates or change routes, after the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (GS / OAS) has purchased a travel ticke t, t he candidate will be responsible for paying the difference in cost travel ticket to arrive on time at the beginning of the course. Moreover, the selected candidate should reimburse the full cost of airfare roundtrip from the country of residence to the country where will the Professional Development the Course, if after the ticket has been purchased, withdraws from the scholarship without written authorization from the Department of Human Development, Education and Culture;

  • This includes any additional charges, if were any, in which the OAS General Secretariat incurred, such as the extra costs for accommodation during travel of the recipient from their country of residence to the country where the course will be held.

  • If the scholarship holder resign, cancels or terminates the scholarship after the course / program has begun, without showing sufficient cause to the GS/OAS, he/she must reimburse to the GS/OAS the total cost incurred on your person

13) Nomination:

Note: If you have been favored with a scholarship of the Professional Development Program in the last twelve (12) months, or if you currently hold a Academic Studies scholarship is not eligible to apply for another scholarship of the Professional Development Program

The Scholarship Application Form must be completed online on the Internet and is available at the following link: Here you will find ads for all classroom setting courses calls. "Click" on the course in which you are interested, and go on until the "Continue" bottom at the end of the page this will take you to the opening of the application form to be completed.

Once the applicant completes the online form and submitted it, he/she will automatically receive a copy of the completed form in your email address. This completed form must be printed, signed and submitted to the National Liaison Office (ONE). This requirement is mandatory.

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The following list contains the National Liaison Agencies ONEs in OAS States Member:

Please note that the official announcement of this announcement is available on the website of the Educational Portal of the Americas : .

Any questions regarding submission of applications for this course should be sent to:


[1] The deadline for submitting applications to the ONE differs from one country to another and, therefore, must be confirmed with the relevant ONE in the country of origin or permanent residence.

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