Organization of American States Department of<br />Human Development

This application must be completed in its entirety before you exit the site or submit the form.

Any information you enter can be saved during this session but cannot be saved for another session before the application is submitted.

Before you start, please make sure you have all the following required documents, scanned in PDF format (3MB), in one (1) single file in order to successfully submit the application: 

  •  Bachelor’s Degree (or higher) Diploma
  • One (1) letter of recommendation from the employer, institution or organization to which you belong. It must be signed and addressed to the Professional Development Scholarship Program of the OAS, Department of Human Development, Education and Employment
  • Undocumented resume or curriculum vitae (Maximum2 pages)
  • Copy of ID or Passport.
  • Certificate of language proficiency (if your native language is not English)

Bear in mind that theOAS will only consider COMPLETE applications. If you fail to upload therequired documents, your application might be deemed illegible.

If you need to makechanges in the online application after you submit the form, you will have tofill out a new one.

If you have questions regarding the online application, please send us an emailat: [email protected]

This application must be completed online. 

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