World Economic Forum: How Smart Tech Helps Cities Fight Terrorism and Crime

World Economic Forum: How Smart Tech Helps Cities Fight Terrorism and Crime

In this article, the co-founder of the Igarape Institute, Robert Muggah, writes about innovation in approaches for agile security to prevent crime and extremism. He states that the most successful cities in preventing both are investing in new technology, strengthening policing and community outreach, improving intelligence gathering, and using data to improve decision-making. Muggah argues that crime, radicalization and terrorism tend to cluster in time, space and specific population groups. Improvement in technology has facilitated data analysis, correlations, and causes of crime and terrorism.

Additional technology, including crime-mapping platforms, CCTVs, gunshot-detection systems, and smart lights have been useful for agile security and has helped detect crime before occurs. At the same time, Muggah explains that it is important to improve social cohesion and high-quality public good, including green spaces, community centers, promoting diverse communities, and focusing efforts in disadvantaged communities.

According to Muggah, agile security requires the respect of civil liberties and discussions with community members regarding the implications and motives of these innovations and therefore elaborates on serious ethical questions that these new technologies can generate.

Agile security, according to the Smart Cities: Digital Solutions for a More Livable Future by the McKinsey Global Institute, can decrease fatalities by 8-10%, reduce crime incidents 30-40%, and increase social cohesion and civic participation.

To access the original article by Robert Muggah or to view the publication by the McKinsey Global Institute, please see the links below.

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