How we turned the tide on domestic violence (Hint: the Polaroid helped)

Esta Soler

  • 5 February 2018
  • Posted by: Nicolas Devia
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The vast array of consequences derived from violence against women is yet unknown in its majority due to a lack of conversation on the topic. Men believe that gender issues and segregation are just problems for a specific sector of society in which they don’t belong. It is then impossible to advance in the search for some solutions to violence when the half of the population is not interested on the topic. However, it is a mistake for men to think that gender issues do not comprise their areas of interest, creating empathy for victims is possible when the individuals threatened by this problems are mothers, sisters, daughters and sons of otherwise uninterested men. Esta Soler reminds us that laws and agencies alone are not enough to reduce violence against women, a change of culture and the reconstruction of social fabric are two enterprises that need the involvement of all of the members of society.

Deutsche Welle: Breaking the Silence: Femicide in Latin America

Directed by Paula Rodriguez Sickert

Deutsche Welle: Breaking the Silence: Femicide in Latin America

The murder of women has a name: femicide. In Latin America, femicide is particularly common, but women there are starting to stand up for their rights. The filmmaker Paula Rodriguez Sickert has traveled through the Andean countries of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru and tells the stories of women who were attacked or killed because they wanted to live their lives their own way.