PADF: Bolivian Community Defenders Curb Human Trafficking

PADF: Bolivian Community Defenders Curb Human Trafficking

The U.S. Department of State’s recently released Trafficking in Persons Report rates each nation based on how well they meet minimum standards for elimination of trafficking. According to the report, Colombia, Guyana and Chile are most adequately meeting standards, while Belize and Venezuela are neither meeting minimum standards nor making significant efforts to do so.

Bolivia, labeled a “Tier 2 Watch List” country, is an origin, destination and transit point for trafficking in persons. The Bolivian government has made an effort to prevent trafficking, but the number of victims of severe forms of trafficking is significant or increasing. The absence of sufficient programming still characterizes Bolivia as a high-risk country for human trafficking.

The project is educating communities and local officials on human trafficking, and will share successes and methodologies so that they may be applied to future initiatives against slavery in indigenous areas.

The PADF-Fundación Construir project is focused on underserved indigenous populations in Bolivia’s La Paz, Oruro and Cochabamba departments, recognizing the important role that rural community leaders, particularly indigenous women, can play as agents of change. The goal is to encourage local cooperation in the prevention of human trafficking and to provide assistance to victims and those at risk. Read more 

Institution:Pan American Development Foundation (PADF)
Author:Pan American Development Foundation (PADF)

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